World will now end 21 October 2011?

May 24, 2011 1:43am CST
The Bible is the Word of God! Everything the Bible declares has the full authority of God Himself. Now, at this time, information is coming forth from the Bible which clearly reveals God's plan for Judgement Day and the end of the world itself. Before that the date is 21st May 2011, but no such thing happend that day. What do you think about it.
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@RamRes (1725)
• Argentina
25 May 11
Really 2011? What about 2012? The rumors always tell about end of 2012, but no one ever says anything about 2011. Anyway, it's only a myth, the world will not end anytime soon, I guess, unless the humans themselves destroy it. We are en route already, but still far away. The bible may have the full authority of god, but lucky the imagination of the religious folks don't has any authority over the real world, so I feel really safe from its rage.
@owlwings (40105)
• Cambridge, England
24 May 11
I would say, believe in the Scriptures, by all means but do NOT give too much attention to how others interpret them. The Bible itself does NOT exactly predict the End of the World (in fact, Jesus is recorded as saying that NOBODY except God the Father, not even the angels, know the date or time of its coming). This prediction which has caused so much of a stir (because of the media and the Internet) comes only from the 'calculations' of someone who has been proved wrong before. He did NOT (actually) predict the End of the World on May 21at. He predicted the second coming of Christ - the 'Rapture', as some people call it. He said that the world will be destroyed on October 21st. I believe that there is no need to be alarmed. This is just the ramblings of a very silly old man, at best, ... or, perhaps, one of those false prophets who are supposed to belong to and serve the Devil. If you trust in the words of Man (and the Bible is written in human language and, particularly, 'interpreted' differently, depending on who you listen to), you will ALWAYS be led astray.