how to earn 10 dollar a day to paypal without a single penny

June 2, 2011 2:10am CST
can anyone tell me any site that earn 10 dollar a day without investing any money?
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@venkit (2957)
• India
2 Jun 11
10$ per day! I think its a big deal. I don't think, that you can earn that much from here. you have to do work in many sites to achieve that.
• United States
12 Jun 11
Earning $10.00 per day is very hard here on mylot as mylot only pays a few cents per post but if you sit there all day typing oh maybe you can get $5.00 just keep on posting on whatever ideas you might be interested in. Believe me this extra earnings is just pocket money if you want to make a living at working on-line then be prepared for a lot of work and determination. In my opinion mylot if more of a networking site we make friends read what everyone has to say and make a few bucks doing it, but making a living sorry don't think so
• Singapore
2 Jun 11
Money does not drop from the sky to your hands. Earning 10 dollars a day without investing any money would just be unrealistic. The maximum you can earn is about $1 a day. And this comes with hard work. Repeating myself, There is no magic site that can earn you 10 dollars a day.
• Malaysia
2 Jun 11
lol i just asking.maybe got.
@RamRes (1725)
• Argentina
8 Jun 11
I would say that you're asking for the impossible, online earning is not like that, and you're too far from what can be considered normal and sustainable. $1 a day is much more possible if you put a lot of effort. Your best strategy would be to join many sites, different types maybe, and combine the earnings to reach a more suitable amount. The only I can think of right now, sign up for a Fileserve account, upload a lot of files to it and spam them to as many forums as you can, maybe you can start earning some bucks from there. But don't expect to have $10 a day, every day.
@stylewaves (1063)
• India
4 Jun 11
Sorry dude , that won't be easy Job , but if you want to earn that much money within a day , go and give a best response for all the topics you see here . And also Write as many articles as possible in Triond ! The much time you type that much money you earn !
@mlla24 (841)
• Mexico
3 Jun 11
i need like ten sites like microworkers to get 10 at day.
@owlwings (40110)
• Cambridge, England
2 Jun 11
If you can write good English and know how to write good, well researched articles, you could fairly easily earn 10$ a day but you might not be able to earn $10 EVERY day! I can't give any specific sites. Work like this is usually to be found by using task sites such as Amazon MTurk or Microworkers. Occasionally, people who are looking for writers will post tasks there and, if you are successful and can produce the quality they require, they might hire you on a permanent basis. Earning $5 per article is a not unusual rate (but not as much as some places might pay), so it would be possible to write two or more articles a day to earn that amount. I have to stress, though, that your English must be excellent and you must be able to write good articles to a high specification. Not even all native English speakers can do that!
• Philippines
2 Jun 11
Sorry, I think the site you wanted hasn't been born up to this date. You can earn $10 per month or half - month, but not in a day!
@nelerkz (467)
• Philippines
2 Jun 11
Same here also, I want to know the site which you can earn 10 dollar per day. Does anyone knows? drop all your comments here. Have a nice day!
@mrgpk63 (444)
• United States
2 Jun 11
No Sorry I can't Show You as their isn't that many Sites that Pay that Well as a Free Member. I am not sure Why People Think They can Earn that much per Day. You just would need to Spend All Day Here Posting at My Lot, Link Site or a Blog Site. Plus You would need t Promote Like Crazy. You would need Tons of Views and Referrals Daily.