How does one get traffic to his/her articles?

June 16, 2011 9:35am CST
Hey, Im a member of an online article writing site and get paid money for getting views to my articles. On average I get about 250 views/day of which about 60% comes from one article. I would like to know if there's any special magic tricks that can get me more views. I know about Twitter, and I'm not interesting in building up a network of friends (e.g. Facebook). Thanks!
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16 Jun 11
You couldn't have timed that question better - I just finished a series of 4 posts on my blog that give you 49 different ways to bring in free traffic. Since you're talking about an article hosted on a third-party site, you're going to be limited to things like linking from other places (forums, blog, etc.), bookmarking (Digg, Stumble, etc.) and perhaps even traffic exchanges. Other than that, it's the social sites that'll help - and having great content (i.e. writing high-quality, useful, original articles, especially if they're on topics of current interest).
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@TrvlArrngr (4057)
• United States
22 Jun 11
I have trouble with this as well. I really don't want to bombard my friends asking them to read my articles all the time.
@abhi_bangal (3686)
• India
16 Jun 11
First of all, there is no magic trick. It is work and hard work all the way. I think, you have to be interested in social networking otherwise, you should not expect much of a traffic. That is exactly how you will get traffic. Otherwise, your articles will be standalone type ones. What will be the use then? I got through the articles of our friend SpikeTheLobster. And I think he has done a fabulous job there. Even he has mentioned things like submitting to directories and such else. You have to be interactive to get more and more traffic. You can try this and you will realize that you will get even more hits than just the current 250.
@tash01 (2032)
• Jamaica
16 Jun 11
I have ask a question like this, and the respond i get from a friend is that i should share them with Facebook,stumble up on an twitter an etc.I have write a few stuff for Triond,and i get a little few yes ,but i need more. But i hope but responding to this discussion i will get more opinion,and answers.Because i would want some more views for my articles as well.