On my paycheck, I got $50 reward from health assessment from work

United States
July 6, 2011 4:32am CST
Oh yeah, from my last week, I got $50 bonus which is from health assessment from my work. This health assessment is completed online, and my workplace really wants every employee to be healthy. They will give you this survey and all sort of questions for you to complete them, and do a self - evaluation of you overall health. They will also send you this health guidance to your email from time to time, to guide you healthy living and healthy eating etc...... That is great right. What do you think?
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@ellebj (784)
• Philippines
18 Jul 11
that's great king.. i hope i could have incentives too.. i didn't reach the payout yet i hope i could know some ways to earn good in this website..
@wow2dong2 (204)
• Malaysia
6 Jul 11
Wah, it is so great. I hope there is such online survey held in my country too. $50 is so much as a reward for a survey done. They are so generous. They'll give you the health guidance based on your personal healthy? So, do you think this guidance is going to be helpful?
@stephcjh (32327)
• United States
6 Jul 11
That is wonderful. That is a really good bonus incentive for them to give you and it also motivated you to be and stay healthier.
• United States
6 Jul 11
That is very nice congrats kingparker! If only the company I work fo is like that... Or should I say if only all the companies are like that. I think the bigger they get, the more greedier they become, thinking of ways to please their investors instead of their employees..=(
@owlwings (40108)
• Cambridge, England
6 Jul 11
Very nice. However, you have to understand why someone will pay you that much to fill in a questionnaire. It is actually an incentive (not strictly a bonus) to encourage people to state that they are not liable to be affected by certain medical conditions so that the company has to pay less for their medical insurance. Insurance companies charge according to the likelihood of something happening, so if something can be statistically shown to be very unlikely to generate a claim, then they will reduce their premiums. Obviously, the more information that they have on a particular person, the better they can assess the risks and the less the premium they are likely to charge. By encouraging everyone to complete this detailed questionnaire, your company stands to save, probably, a great deal more than $50 per employee, so it is very much worth their while to offer the incentive. This doesn't mean that it's in any way a bad thing to fill in the questionnaire and accept the incentive. I would, however, check very carefully the details of the Health Insurance policy which your company provide to see if it is really sufficient for your needs.