Trying to diet without low salt

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July 10, 2011 10:37pm CST
It is hard to find diet foods that are not low salt. I have a heart condition that makes my blood pressure fall too low and I need extra salt. To eliminate salt or make it lower would make me sick. I do need to watch the type of salt because I can not use sea salt or monosodium glutamate. I have an allergy to these.
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11 Jul 11
Wow this has to be hard and wondered if a nutritionist can recommend a special diet for you that will allow you to eat the extra salt. Ask your physician if they can refer you to a nutritionist who can help you with many different types of specialty high salted dishes. I have low blood pressure and while pregnant, I had edema with both of my pregnancies and was on a strict salt diet. I was helped by my Gyne, at the time with a referral to a nutritionist, which was covered by my insurance at the time. I searched the web and only come up with how to lower salt intakes, so I can't find anything to help with high salt intakes.
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11 Jul 11
That is why I have trouble with the traditional diets- they all want to lower salt and I need my salt to be higher when my blood pressure drops too low. I have been trying to eat healthier snacks like chex mix and pretzels and not potato chips.
@1hopefulman (30047)
• Canada
11 Jul 11
Can you not buy some salt and add a bit to the food?
@Hatley (164640)
• Garden Grove, California
11 Jul 11
hi lindaharding wow what a combo to have to work around, I too am deathly allergic to MSG but finding a diet without low salt thats such a switch. I have to go the other direction which I know would be much easier. I think perhaps if your health insurance covers it get recommendations to see a nutritionist who is trained to cover all sorts of various diets. So see if you can get this help also try on the net WebM.d. as thats a reliable site for nutrition helps and I can imagine they have seen others with diets that need plain table salt. Also ask your doctor if you have not already done so. I sincerely hope you can get the help you need to eat healthfully and safely for your particular health condition. hugs from hatley. you also have been here a while have you not.