How to address a farewell ceremony?

July 17, 2011 12:43pm CST
My husband has been asked to address a farewell ceremony of one of his colleagues who is very close and near to his heart. He has sought my help. But I have no practical experience of addressing any farewell ceremony so far and cannot find out how I can help him. Can you suggest anything for the purpose? Have you ever addressed any farewell ceremony in your life?
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@dorannmwin (36698)
• United States
20 Jul 11
Well, it doesn't have to be anything that is really elaborate. The most important things that need to be hit when giving this address is to make sure that the person that is moving on to new endeavors in their life knows how appreciated their hard work was with the company that they are leaving and he should also make sure to let that person know that everyone wishes him the best with the next chapter in their life.
@jak2010 (1550)
• Papua New Guinea
19 Jul 11
Yes, well he has to say something about these people. What kind of people they are, their personality, attitude, and their performance in their jobs, give examples of one or teo specific thngs that they did in the work place, say something why they need to move on, say something their absence would mean something to people whom they know peronsally or professionally, wish them good luck in their future as a closing.
@celticeagle (120447)
• Boise, Idaho
18 Jul 11
A farewell ceremony can be emotional. I would write a short speech about how it feels and about the person. If you wanted to go all out you could get a gift. Something to remind the colleague of this time. But a short and meaningful speech would be nice and very appreciated probably.
@blue65packer (11835)
• United States
17 Jul 11
I have been to farewell ceremonies. They were all going away parties. Most of the parties were for people I knew but didn't really know well. A few were for people I know well. Besides food,like snack food, and drinks being serviced sometimes a gift would be given. I never addressed anyone at a farewell ceremony. I wouldn't be go at it because I am not a good speaker! I get to nerveous!
@Hatley (164471)
• Garden Grove, California
17 Jul 11
hi DoctorDidi most people will say a few words them self about the colleague and how great he or she is,then he will turn to others to add their comments too..all should mention some of the things that they all like about the colleague who is leaving then present the person with several gifts or tokens of esteem.Also toasts will be offered to that colleague.