Need info on Wireless connection...just got I want it?

@coffeebreak (17820)
United States
August 7, 2011 11:53am CST
So if you have a wireless connection... that means that anyone can just drive by your house with their laptop or cell... and when they find your connected via wireless...they can sit in their car and use the internet off your wireless connection. Is this correct? If so...does this mean they are also using your IP address? So places that track via IP addys, now have the possibility of this cheater using your IP addy for things you don't want it used for? Or if it is a GPT/PTC site (or something like that), who tracks via IP addy, this cheater has now done the offer in your IP addy and you can't do it yourself? Can they do things with your IP addy that will give you a virus or trojan or things like that cause they were logged into a site that had it? Any info on wireless would be appreciated. My daughter just installed it... and I really don't have a use for it unless in the future I get a laptop, but still...would like to know. Also is there any advantage to having wireless, like your internet connection is faster and pages change faster etc?
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@ravisivan (14055)
• India
7 Aug 11
Wireless connection can be installed with security - pass word may be given -- others cannot use this wireless if they do not have password. U ask ur computer enginner to set it in such a way it is secured.
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@speakeasy (4215)
• United States
7 Aug 11
1) Being wireless does not make things faster - if too many people are sharing the connection at the same time it can actually slow things down. Think of your internet speed like a water faucet - one output means a strong flow - divide the flow between 2 outputs and it is a little weaker and between even more and it can get down to s trickle. 2) Being wireless does not mean that you have to lose privacy/security. Every wireless router can be secured do that others cannot access it. Just contact the manufacturer of your wireless router and they can tell you how to secure it with a strong security key. What is is really good for is all thenew "toys" that are coming out - blu-ray players, game systems, phones, security systems, and even the new tvs that are "internet" ready. You can use the wireless features for your desktop computer by simply adding a wireless adapter that just plugs into a usb port. So, make sure it is properly secured and you will have no problems with anyone using your signal or accessing your systems.
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@drannhh (15240)
• United States
17 Aug 11
I am smiling as I think that the really big advantage of wireless is NO WIRES! For me that means I can take my computer just about anywhere and still connect to the internet...without having to buy time everywhere. But that is because I have a portable account. I plug a little thing about 1" x 2" into a USB port and boom, I have a connection. But NO that does not mean anyone can sneak in and use it. They have to know my login and password because it is a secure connection. If it were not secured, then people could use it and also possible see my information. In addition to being able to travel with the computer, wireless allows us to be able to move a laptop around in the house without having cords to unplug and trip on. It is a very good thing.