Driving for a living?

@maezee (33423)
United States
August 23, 2011 8:56pm CST
I'm just wondering - does anyone here on MyLot drive for a living - whether it be a semi truck, courier truck, cab, or any kind of driving in general? I was looking into independent contractor courier jobs just for fun and I wanted to get some perspective. What's it like? Do you like it?
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@sacmom (14315)
• United States
27 Aug 11
Hiya maezee. I don't drive for a living, but I did apply for a few driving jobs before. I wound up getting an interview for a driving instructor job a few months ago. Although I was willing to do the job, the person that interviewed me warned me that it can be a really stressful job. I would have been teaching teenagers how to drive, after all! To top it off it I would have been teaching them how to drive downtown, which is a rather hectic location to drive. I should know. I always hate driving there! LOL Still, I would have done it. That's how desperate I was for a job! LOL I have to admit, I did like the fact that with the job came certification, which could have led to a better job. But at the same time I'm glad I didn't get it as it probably would have rattled my nerves too much! LOL Happy mylotting!
@bounce58 (17524)
• Canada
25 Aug 11
I am not, and I did not drive for a living before. But right before this job, I used to take care of suppliers within the Washington state area. And I would be driving for most of the week to different companies. The thing I liked about it most was being able to go to little shops along the way which are famous for whatever they were selling. I could easily bring some sweets home everytime I did.