Bought a new Microwave oven with grill facility in it.

@aweins (4203)
August 28, 2011 6:29am CST
i want to try out some really good healthy items in it. what all do you make in your micro ? i have just boiled potatoes, boiled milk, heated my left overs in the night, boiled water for tea, semi-boiled peas, heated bread. i am having grill facility also but i have not used it yet. my hubby wants chicken biryani or grilled fish to do first. what do you people say? what should i try in it? i want to make lots of varieties of cookies in it. this is a thing that i always use to make at my parent's place. i wish my baby love the taste of it.
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@stk40m (1119)
• Koeln, Germany
29 Aug 11
I make eggs in the micro. But only scrambled eggs because unbroken eggs will explode! Also make other stuff in it like soup. You can even make hard bread soft again with it but you have to eat it fast because it will become hard again very quick. Cheers
@Asylum (48215)
• Manchester, England
16 Jan 13
Yes, I often scramble eggs in the microwave because it is far easier than using a pan and having to avoid it burning. I have made stews and even a cake many years ago, although I only made the cake in order to test how well it would work.
@Asylum (48215)
• Manchester, England
16 Jan 13
I have been an avid microwave used since shortly after the technology was introduced and would not willingly be without one. Nevertheless, I have never owned a microwave with a grill and not even given the idea a great deal of thought. Now that I do think about it, I would possibly find it quite useful. It may be some time before my microwave needs replacing, but I may actually consider buying one with a grill after all.
@weasel81 (2501)
• Australia
28 Aug 11
are you talking about a convection oven, microwave, grill and they do a 3rd thing but I cant remember what it is. I've got one but only use the microwave part, had it for nearly 10 yrs now. But i have cooked lasnaga in it before and a few other things, just to try them out. But now I use a turbo oven to cook a lot of things, it's also called a variety of other names. Makes it easy throw everything in and leave it to cook.
@aeiou78 (3457)
• Malaysia
28 Aug 11
I hope you should survey and understand further about the microwave oven before you proceed with all of your cooking. From my understanding, microwave oven is not suitable to cook raw foods and to boil water. The generated heat is not sufficient to kill the bacterias inside. Moreover, the end users should be careful of the radiation that the microwave oven generates too. This is the discussion which I have started earlier for your reference.