Please tell me Destiny exists..

September 6, 2011 6:42am CST
I just read a line that goes something like, "That's the sad part, Destiny does not exist in real life.." Sigh.. I really do believe in destiny.. It's like, seeing two personalities team up together. And you believe in yourself that they were really destined to be teamed up together because they just look so perfect while performing together. And you just can't help but think that they could be a couple also in real life. Well, this could be a confession of a fan-girl. :P But, this could also be used with the other aspects of our lives where destiny could be blamed for. I just really love the idea of things being destined. *_*
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• Philippines
10 Nov 11
Sad to say destiny does not exist.We can say it is real but don't expect that it will be like in the movies.Lets face it when we think of the destined one for us we think of the perfect person, not the right one, but! the perfect person. If you don't move or do anything you wont see the person that you are looking for... But... I do believe you can make your own destiny by working together with your loved one and overcoming obstacles in life to obtain the true love that they are looking for.
@didi13 (2927)
• Romania
28 Sep 11
Every last moment is a fortune just because it is one that tells us that we have time. That we have time for all that destiny has prepared us to do in this life and that we can never do more or less than we were given. That we should not worry, you should not scare us, we should not panic. Because if we accompany with despair, we have no one around us, even ourselves, because his despair rushes all around us! There are no rich people as poor people there. There are people who feel that not seeing the wealth! There are people who do not live happiness and joy! Now everything is measured in money, wealth, pride. Once everything is measured in social status. Now everything is measured in change - of wealth, status, character, attachment to the values ??or to others. Yesterday we looked good and beautiful today seems outdated, bad, outdated, and not sorry is today an accepted lifestyle indulgence and justification to their own conscience. There is more, as no less! There are only a smile of fulfillment or sadness or pain. Do not forget that pain expected at the end of each thin smile and called hope. Therefore, do not give up because if you give up pain, give up hope. Because life is hope and pain, both governments and grimness of eternal destiny.
@JosephP (1118)
• Jamaica
9 Sep 11
I believe that there is a cause for every effect. This cause could be considered to be destiny. Like when you throw a ball at a wall, the wall becomes destined to be hit by the ball. Sometimes we are destined for things that we are unaware of and we do not know the cause. So in that sense, destiny definitely exists.
@1hopefulman (33394)
• Canada
7 Sep 11
Some things are destined, meaning that God will make sure that certain things happen. However, most things are a matter of choice and effort. We choose our partner and both have an influence on whether it will be a good relationship and a long one or it ends in disaster. The two must work together. It won't work well with only one doing their best. It takes two to make love work.
@semsaber (26)
• Portugal
6 Sep 11
ok, let me try to explain my point of view the easy way... I also believe in destiny but... also believe in free will that interfere with destiny... everything happens for a reason but our actions can change the path we go and the end of it... some couples look perfect and really can be but... with only one action everything can change. so... don't trust only on destiny but also on free will
@tiina05 (2319)
• Philippines
6 Sep 11
hello, Yeah, I believe in destiny. My boyfriend and I used to argue about this topic because he never believe about this he only believe the thought of "because people just make their own decision and it is not destiny at all". But I always telling him that destiny is true because we just met on the same school and we get friends as in real friends, I told him about my boyfriend and he told me who is was courting? we never thought that we are really meant for each other. I mean we are now in a relationship and were happy and contented. Whatever it is I do believe in "DESTINY" it really exists.