Looking Younger in Short or Long Hair?

September 7, 2011 8:03am CST
Friends. In your opinion, do ladies look younger when they have long or short hair?
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@stk40m (1119)
• Koeln, Germany
7 Sep 11
imo they look younger with long hair. Men look younger with short hair though. But it's also a question of distance. How did Q (Star Trek) put it: 'she looks good from far but far from good'. I'd never put it that way though. Some old women look nicer than young ones as beauty depends on a lot more than age and long hair is a definite plus in my book :-)
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@romscabs (310)
• Philippines
23 Sep 11
It depends. I have some women friends who have long hair and they take care of it and they look pretty and young. There are also other women I know that has short hair but looks like a Mommy or something like that. So it depends. It depends how you takes care of yourself. It doesn't matter if you have a short hair or long hair. Anyway, it matters most when you are young at heart.
@Hatley (164395)
• Garden Grove, California
23 Sep 11
hio I am elderly and look dreadful in short hair .it widens my face and makes my face look huge. I love long hair and have it down my back. my best friend cannot understand that as she likes short hair an it looks great on her. my only problem is I lost the use of my left arm due to a shoulder joint replacement with steel and plastic so now I cannot lift my left hand up to style my hair in back.
@cher913 (25889)
• Canada
7 Sep 11
i think women look younger with shorter hair to be honest, but my hubby loves long hair (what is with guys and long hair?)
• United States
7 Sep 11
I dont believe they look younger or older with shorter or longer hair. I think its how there face looks and how they act that will tell someone age. I look a lot younger then 26 as people say i look like im in high school still. I have had long hair and short hair when people have said it to me so i dont htink its the hair i think its more just the way you look in general and i have a very looking young face just as other members of my family do as well.