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September 17, 2011 1:37pm CST
For those of you who are still grappling with the control features in Facebook and/or just seem to be having so much problems understanding most write ups, I believe this is one good instructive article with pictures included. Topics like sharing features, privacy changes and photo tagging options are all being covered with clear and simple instructions. So, do the necessary to protect yourself and/or family members. It would be good to share this with others if you've found this helpful. Ref: http://technology.xin.msn.com/technology-news/photos.aspx?cp-documentid=5264139
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• Pamplona, Spain
1 Mar 12
Hiya Sky, Have not got much time to be on Facebook really and the new Timeline I don´t use it at all I don´t care much for it so not bothering with it at the moment. I just use my page to leave messages on for my closest Friends and I don´t bother with any applications. Have uploaded Photos and all that but nothing else at the moment. Enjoy using it though. I could not read or find your Page that you had done sorry bout that logical seeing as I have not been able to get back to your discussion till now.xxx
@dorannmwin (36698)
• United States
20 Sep 11
Though I will admit that when I first became a member of facebook, I did find it somewhat confusing, the more recent changes that they have made are not really that confusing to me. The thing that I like the most about the newest batch of features that has been released is that I was able to create a list of just my closest friends. The thing that I like about that is that I don't have to search for posts that those people that I care about the most have made.
@jennybianca (12914)
• Australia
19 Sep 11
I have often found features of facebook confusing. I have had my daughter explain quite lot to me at times. And I considered computer literate. I am loading up your article now. I did discover a feature of facebook on the weekend. One can view how your facebook is seen by others. So I tested out my daughter (who is a friend) and established exactly what she can see, which is everything. Then I checked what a non-friend can see (such as my ex). It was really good that I can work out now, what i want the public to view, or not view. I am not one who makes my facebook completely private. I like the main page and wall availble to the public. But of course the news feed is only for my friends. I think this is a great feature.
17 Sep 11
I've never found Facebook's features difficult, but I've been using it for a long time. Instructional materials are always helpful for people who overlook certain aspects of social networking, especially as you said those with families.