gall bladder you know it?

September 23, 2011 1:42am CST
year 2009 when i was brought to medical city because of acute gastritis and doctor found out that aside from gastritis i also have a gall bladder polyps when i undergone an ultrasound...the doctor told me there's no medicines for that only a surgery and if it reach a 1 inch size it will be a cancerous...but i am afraid to have a surgery...what will i do???!!!guys do you know any treatment for this?please i need your help guys....
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@dlpierce (489)
• United States
25 Sep 11
They will take out the gall bladder. It's day surgery. You are laid up a week or two. I had mine out last year because a big gall stone caused me to have an on going gall bladder attack. Believe me when I say you do not want a gall bladder attack. The worst pain I ever had, much worse than child birth. If gall stones cause one then polyps may also.
• Philippines
28 Sep 11
i am really afraid of the surgery even though how many encouragements people are saying to me but i cannot get over with my fear...please help me god!!!
@kaidi990 (16)
• China
24 Sep 11
Gallbladder polyps are growth of abnomal cells and range in size from 4mm to over 1cm.IF the polyps are extremly numerous or over 1cm in size ,then can be cancerous.In that instance,the gallbladder shoud be surgically remonved .
• Philippines
24 Sep 11
thank you for your response...i'l take it as an advise i am really afraid of surgery!!!
@WakeUpKitty (8706)
• Netherlands
25 Sep 11
If the polyps are bigger as 1cm they will remove your gall bladder here. It is not said that it will be cancer but it is possible. So you can decide for surgery and take the polyps out (if they are just very small) wait and see if they come back then probably they remove your gall bladder or you wait till they are about 1 cm and let remove your gall bladder or do nothing and wait and see how long it will take. As I read from your message your polyps were found accidently which means (at that moment) it's not cancer. If it's cancer it mostly comes with gallstones, hepatitis etc. I don't think there is any other cure as surgery if it comes to this.