How to earn money from home?

September 29, 2011 9:32am CST
I am looking for an easy and not too time-consuming method to earn money online. I am looking forward to hearing your creative ideas.
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@varier (5699)
• Indonesia
29 Sep 11
Well, if it is not too time-consuming, then I believe you can only earn a little pennies.. Even if you are willing to get some passive income, at first you have to work hard. And then later, you may gain that passive income.. There's no easy money - no pain no gain. Well, actually there's a way. Invest your money. But you have to take the risk to lose all of your investments because they may go scam easily.. Other than that, I have no idea how to earn easy and big money from internet, without too much time consuming.. Well, let's wait another response then..
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• Philippines
29 Sep 11
wheeww thats kinda hard to find. i believe in no pain no gain, if there is such a thing then probably all of us are already into it dont you think so? anyway goodluck to your search and if ever you found one i hope you would be able to share it with us hehehe happy mylotting!
11 Nov 11
join me and be my friend so we can both make good money.
@sarah12 (14)
• India
7 Nov 11
There are defiantly many possible ways to earn money from home, 1. Promoting clients products through facebook, twitter, 2. selling your services in, 3. Q&A sites, Forum sites
• Philippines
8 Oct 11
There are lots of ways to earn money online. But it's hard to find a method that isn't too time-consuming. You have to allot at least an hour for your online job. I think writing online is a good way to earn. It's free and fun. You can make your own blog (Blogger or Wordpress) or you can submit articles to different writing platforms (HubPages, Squidoo, Infobarrel, Bukisa). It only takes a few hours for some people to create an article. But it takes me days to finish an article (I'm kind of a perfectionist). I've heard that some people can even produce an article within 30 minutes. So if you allot at least one hour a day, you can create 30 articles in one month. The good thing about this is you have a chance to earn even if you're on a vacation. I've also read that you will tend to earn more during the Christmas holidays. It's a fantastic source of passive income!
@millertime (1398)
• United States
3 Oct 11
There is no such thing. It's certainly possible to make money online but the easy methods won't make you very much money. Nobody pays much for doing nothing. The easier it is, the less it pays. As far as it being "not too time-consuming", you basically get out of it what you put into it. If you spend time and work hard, you can make money but if you are looking to get paid for nothing, it's not realistic to think you can earn without putting forth some effort. Even online you have to work to get paid. I have my own websites and I use several methods to make money online but I work at it. I had to build and maintain the websites, I blog, I write, I do online marketing. Anyone can do it but you need to put forth the effort. If you are unwilling to do that, you won't find any success earning online.
@aghiuta (526)
• Canada
1 Oct 11
If you find any ,Tell me!!!!! I do not think that there is such a thing! If there was there would be a lot of rich people around!
@Informer (803)
• India
30 Sep 11
Hi Cute, There are many include me are searching for this answer but have not found any. But there are many people who are earning so much. But they have necessary skills or they are expert in something or other. if you are one of them, then search a work of your skill. It will help you or any one a lot.
• Philippines
30 Sep 11
well if you are a graduate of a computer related course you could apply online. there are a lot of out sourcing job in the net. my brother have a job in the net (he works at home) that he just log in in his account any where in the world to work. well he is paid at least $10 an hour 6 hours a week. i saw one time in the net that they are willing to pay $25 an hour but you need to work with in 30 hours to them (the whole project)... it's website making (don't know how to make one). i think i saw that post on odesk...
@Bluedoll (17063)
• Canada
29 Sep 11
I am not meaning to be bold only just logical, when I say, "think about what we are saying?" If it is easy and not at all time consuming then how much money can we expect from such a thing? I would say selling something might be an idea that is taking up space in our garage might be easy or investing some money into the stock market or elsewhere non-time consuming but comes also with risk. To earn money requires work and if people do not put forth an effort (that might not be what some peoples definition of 'easy' though) then it is not being fair to the people we are taking the money from.