Do you believe in horoscope?

By Arya
@arya007 (306)
Tirupathi, India
October 4, 2011 2:44am CST
many of us are very much interested in horoscope and I am also very much interested to it.Do you believe in horoscope?
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@ores12 (53)
6 Oct 11
Yes I beleive in horoscope I will not lose anything if I beleive rigth. Sometimes horoscope reveals the truth and sometimes not. For me it just for fun do not hold on fate of horoscope and it is just a guide
@greenline (14864)
• Canada
5 Oct 11
I do believe in Astrology. But, I don't believe in those horoscopes that appear in the newspapers daily. They are just imaginations, and I just don't take them seriously. But, Astrology, western and eastern, is a very systematic subject, and I have found the predictions very accurate many times.
@viney17 (688)
• Philippines
5 Oct 11
i do not believe in horoscope, though im not purely religion minded i think that no one really knows our future. Our future is really unpredictable and well some unexpected things happen to us. But i sometimes read horoscopes eventhough i dont believe in them... wonder why?
@megamatt (14329)
• United States
5 Oct 11
No I don't believe at them at all. They do amuse me don't get me wrong. They give me a good chuckle to say the very least. However, it is really not something that I am going to take all too seriously. Its still interesting as you said but it is not simply true to say the very least. It is really a form of entertainment and nothing more. Although the links that some people go to try and make these horoscopes actually being quite true. Of course coincidence can be a strange thing, as an interpretation of certain things. However, I just laugh, get an amusement out of the horoscopes to say the very least. There are just something that gives me a laugh but nothing much more.
• Philippines
4 Oct 11
I don't think this is true. Horoscopes is a myth. The stars don't have anything to do with our future. We make our future and the stars are there because simply they're there.
@dodo19 (33043)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
4 Oct 11
No I don't believe in horoscopes. It wasn't something that I ever really believed in. I'm not really interested in that sort of thing either.
@elkanwa (625)
• Malaysia
4 Oct 11
most of horroscope says a thing before it happen. I do believe in God, and only God knows what will happen.
@WakeUpKitty (8706)
• Netherlands
4 Oct 11
I do believe in in partly. Not the kinds you read in the newspaper, a magazine etc. They also never fit with me, they are way too general and if they fit they will fit to anyone. If you believe that nonsense it's easy to make it come true because you want it to come true.
@alberello (4755)
• Italy
4 Oct 11
It depends, sometime YES, other times NO.
@brew2x (3096)
• Philippines
4 Oct 11
I find horoscope interesting too but I don't believe in it. I don't think people of the same zodiac will have the same fate. There are daily horoscope in some newspapers. I remember reading them daily but I don't remember any of them to happen.
@shibham (17025)
• India
4 Oct 11
I am an atheist. Neither i believe god nor stuffs related to him. Here is a shyaree in Hindi and as i think you are an Indian and hope u will understand. KOUN KARTE HAIN ITNE BHAROSA ( WHO BELIEVEs TOO MUCH) APNI HATHO KI LAKEERON PAR ( ON THE LINES OF HIS/HER OWN HAND) NASEEB TO UNKA BHI HOTA HAIN ( HE/SHE ALSO HAS OWN DESTINY) JISKA HATH NAHIN HOTA ( WHO HAS NO HAND) Take care.
• Malawi
4 Oct 11
I don't believe in any horoscopes because they mean nothing to me
@thatgirl13 (7307)
• South Korea
4 Oct 11
There was a time when I believed in horoscopes 100%. I tried to do everything that was written and tried not to do what was warned. It was crazy and every morning I used to buy one newspaper to school just for the horoscopes and comic strips. Anyway I don't mean I don't believe in horoscopes these days but I don't believe in them as much as I used to.