Aliens becoming most dangerous enemies for us.

By Arya
@arya007 (306)
Tirupathi, India
October 4, 2011 11:33pm CST
I am very sure that coming days aliens are going to become very dangerous enemies for us. what do you think about this?
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@dragon54u (31637)
• United States
5 Oct 11
If I was a person from another planet, I would wipe out the human species for the good of every other species in the universe. Look at it from an alien's point of view--you see a species that has concentrated on the harm they can do, not the good that they can share. They make weapons of war instead of weapons to conquer disease. They have diseases like cancer that they've raised billions of dollars to cure yet they have no cure and the pharmaceutical companies thrive off useless medicines for it (they do have a cure, it's just too profitable to let people die from it). They kill each other because their opinions about religion differ. Unable to live in peace, they starve their people, beat their children, let their elders fade away in nursing homes and mistreat their animals. Do you see anything but a threat from people like this?! Any aliens that would let this species live are just as stupid as we are.
@alottodo (3061)
• Australia
13 Oct 11
I don't know...for one thing other species need us to survive and we need other species to survive without the other there would be no life! just imagine the tiny dust mite how would they survive if we did not shed skin particles every day?[just make my skin crawl thinking about it] and any way who is to say that the aliens are maybe giving us time to develop into the beings we are suppose to be? letting us make our own choices and by trial and error we eventually will get there...I don't know any thing about science I only know what I have learnt in my 66 years...and it seems to me[ despite our advance in technology]that we are still in a very primitive an alien 100 years may be one minute or a second...but for us? we don't even live that far![ except for some]
@mantis36 (4237)
• Philippines
13 Oct 11
but those aliens doesn't yet know how dangerous the earthling human's fist punches too....
@Bluedoll (17052)
• Canada
6 Oct 11
Well you did ask what I thought. I remember listening to a comic speak about the spacecraft we sent outside our solar system. It was named in a star trek movie I think, voyager, I believe. Well inside the craft we put all kinds of information about our planet and life showing a star chart of where we are located in the galaxy. The comic said, "maybe it would have been better to send a flashing neon sign out into space that says... eat me" - joking.
@WakeUpKitty (8706)
• Netherlands
5 Oct 11
Sorry I don't believe they will every be dangerous. The one who is dangerous to us is the human being. They don't seem to have any problem with abusing their own specie, raping it, killing it, etc. If there are aliens they only love at the stupid human beings.