Winter is coming. What will you do with your car?

@sblossom (2170)
October 11, 2011 2:57am CST
In the news recently there have been predictions that we will see another cold winter like last year. With this in mind how likely are you to do with your car? Personally I will change winter tyres for my car. One of my friend said he will buy a brand new 4 wheel drive (4x4) vehicle to replace his current car. How about you? What will you do to deal with the upcoming winter?
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@WakeUpKitty (8706)
• Netherlands
11 Oct 11
I heard the same in the news. I hope it won't be true. My car will stay there where it always is outside on the street. I don't have a garage and I won't do anything special to it except for putting some petroleum jelly on the rubbers inside the doors so they won't get frozen. I don't think I will change into winter tyres this year. I will leave in december for some weeks, so might be I take the train to the airport or cab or whatever. For the rest I will see day by day what to do. Buying a new car just because of the winter is nonsense. The weather is seldom that bad for weeks after each other.
@sblossom (2170)
1 Nov 11
We have a garage but it is full wasted things. I also have a old volvo that is not used any more. I think i need to find a time to sell the old volvo then I would have space to put our family car inside. I do consider to buy a new car to replace the current one. However my husband loves the current one too much. He said he want to keep it at the last minute.
@bounce58 (17524)
• Canada
21 Oct 11
I'm looking at deals to get a brand new set of winter tires for my car. I also heard that it is going to be severe this year. In the past, I never bothered with winter tires as it doesn't really snow so much here in the west coast. But it was already touch and go last year, so I'm thinking I should get a set this year, just to be safe.
@greenline (14864)
• Canada
12 Oct 11
The news in the newspaper said that this winter is going to be very severe. Yup, we got to be prepared for that. I do have a 4 wheel drive new car. And, like you, I will have to change the tyres to winter tyres. That would be much better, much safer.