Which language is the most difficult in the world?!

@JulyKing (111)
November 2, 2011 10:06pm CST
Good morning,you guys! Yesterday,when I learned english by myself,one question bursted into my brain" which language is the most difficult in the world?", and then I posted this question to baidu and found out the answer.To my surprise,the ranking list of the most difficult language was" Chinese, Greek, Arabic, Icelandic, Japanese, Finnish, German, Norweqian, Denish, French",the Chinese was the first most difficult language,and Chinese was my mother tongue,wonderful! When a person didn't understand what others talked to them,how would them grumble?The majority could say:"It's Greek to me!" and how would Greek which was regarded as the most difficult language grumble?"Oh,it's heard just like Chinese!"Aha!At last,there was a strongest parlance about Chinese :"That's just like hearing a sealed book!Only god could overwhelm Chinese!" It's very interesting and I think I should try my best to study english because I have mastered the most difficult language Chinese.English is just a piece of cake to me!^_^ Happy every day and everything goes well!