why is the petrol price keeps on increasing in india?????

@vishkris (205)
November 4, 2011 6:15am CST
i just don understand why the petrol price keeps on increase in india...now again it has increased...this is the 5th time in this year for this rise....here 1 litre of petrol is 72rs and still increasing..i don know what the govt is doing...they r wasting peoples money...they r not even taking care of that rise...in all other countries petrol price is very lesss but only in india this problem like petrol price rise,corruption in everything...i feeel like gettting out of india as sooon as i get some job out side...even if we wanna do good things to india the politicians r not allowing..everything is money now..
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@enelym001 (8333)
• Philippines
5 Nov 11
It does not only happen in India, dear This is happening in the Philippines too
@wulania (1528)
• Indonesia
4 Nov 11
petrol is from oil and oil is getting lesser and lesser. human cant make petrol. we just explore the land and the ploriferate oil, then we have oil and plastik. i think the time has come to lesser the use of oil.
@WakeUpKitty (8706)
• Netherlands
4 Nov 11
The petrol price is increasing in most countries. Same with the prices for gas and electricity. This has seldom to do with the fact the oil price increased but the games the government(s) are playing. If you think out a war, say it might get rare etc only the fear for that is enough to make it more expensive. Also governments make a great income on it. This is what we call tax. So a very big part of the price is tax your own government is asking for it and let the customers pay for it. And that is why even if countries pay exactly the same for the oil there are still big differences in the price of petrol. And that is why already for years so many people in our country, who live close to a border, go over their to buy petrol. And this also means that a car that drives on electricity or water or sunflower oil will be a succes. In our country even the gas prices etc increase if the petrol is getting more expensive. Although gas has absolutely nothing to do with how much there has to be payed for oil. And yes you are right, it's all about the money. Nobody cares about realistic prices or what is good for nature.
@ceasar09 (442)
• Philippines
4 Nov 11
Petrol prices all around the world increases, maybe those countries who exports and rich in petroleum have a lower prices but for countries who cannot produce their own petrol products this is when the prices goes high since they only get supply from other countries and it depends on the prices on world market. Plus the prices of the petrol products inside the country are controlled by the giant petroleum companies and they decide when to rise the prices. Thus government must intervene at the part of the increasing price of the petrol products since people will suffer the burden of too high prices. Politicians must not intervene when people do good things what they must do is to help them to help others and the country. =)
@dharanil (319)
• India
4 Nov 11
Government of India is responsible for the hike in petrol price (all know that). And there is no doubt petrol price will increase further more in future. Obviously, Corruption does all to India.
@owlwings (39604)
• Cambridge, England
4 Nov 11
I don't know whether India has any significant oil resources of its own. Like many countries it will have to rely on imports and the world price of oil. In the UK (and fairly generally in Europe), the current price of petrol is the equivalent of Rs 108, so your price of Rs 72 is considerably cheaper.