Relatives that just won't understand

November 9, 2011 6:29pm CST
Hey out there, does anybody else have this problem your family members just refuse to support the idea fully of you earning a living online. Even though times are hard, you are unemployed and the chances of being hired near home are very unlikely oh and you don't drive never have don't even have a lisence. A times they accuse you of using them since you are unable to pay right now, even though you do so very much for them around the house and to help others out at home who are now disabled too without the extra money none of that seems to add up to much at all. You get yelled at even put down and told to keep quiet your words never will matter until you bring in some income for the household. Sound strict well it's my life, is there anyone that can relate and if so how on earth are you coping with all of his right now. I know it kinda makes me a nervous wreck most of the times I never know when anything will just set them off walking on egg shells all the time here. I really love my family, but starting to feel very worried lately if my computer won't pay off soon I may just be moved some place else until things cool down with our grandpa's situation in other words until he pass's away. This sounds terrible and lousy but you must understand that all this server strictness comes from him and nobody wants to disrespect his wishes at the end of his days by me living here as a bum as he sees it anyway. Even though I am always trying my hardest to earn online everyday. There has been talk of putting me up in an apartment until his passing, but then what is what I wonder do I move back home again or just struggle forever in some place I can't really afford at all. I feel so trapped at times and really I do have high hopes and dreams for my future, I just need to have they way to do this first. Savings is good, but what if there is nothing left over to save. Thanks,A.B.
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@WakeUpKitty (8706)
• Netherlands
10 Nov 11
Ask yourself this: why do you bother if your family is supporting your idea(s)? If you are 100% sure you can make a great income from day 1 then do so and prove them. If not, and you have to take care of your family you better find a steady job and do the internet part next to it till it works and prove them. Yes it's your life, but since you care about what others think about you this will never work for you. You are not willing enough to prove it is possible. If there are no savings left over the only thing you can do is saving money and not spend that much. That's a way of getting savings as well. As long as you invest way more as you earn it's not even a way of making money.
@enelym001 (8333)
• Philippines
10 Nov 11
Hey amy! Your situation is really difficult now. We're kinda on the same spot but the difference is that my family is very supportive of me. Although honestly, I know trying to earn online is really not something we should depend on. It is really difficult to earn a lot online, so I guess trying for a job offline is still better, and make earning online an extra. I hope you'll find your way out of that situation
@sid556 (31005)
• United States
10 Nov 11
Hi Amybcraft, I understand that you are in a bad spot in your life but honestly there is not much income to be had on-line. In todays economy it is hard enough to support ourselves without supporting another adult that can't. It sounds like one of your biggest problems in getting a job is lack of transportation? Does anyone in the home drive? I'm thinking that if you got a job then maybe you could pay one of the family members to drive you back and forth until you could save and get your license. Sometimes once you get a job, you will find that people who work with you live near you and would not mind helping you out with rides. It's up to you to do whatever you have to do to be self-sufficient. I don't think your family is going to ease up on you as long as they have to support you and I don't think you will be happy with yourself until you find a job and start taking care of yourself. I don't think that working online will bring you in enough cash to really make a living although it does help.