When you see the light at the end of the tunnel...

November 12, 2011 10:41am CST
This past year has really been challenging for me and my sister. There were many arguments and physical fights. It came to a point that I wanted to seek counseling with a professional so I can get a clinical explanation of what was happening with the emotions and why we were hurting each other. There were so many questions I wanted answers from. At some point when things were good with my sister, she agreed that it would be alright to consult to a doctor for counseling. I know that there are many factors of what was going on, like not having a mother anymore, her not being able to finish college, pressure and stress coming from neighbors and relatives, but what I was worried about was when I was not getting responses coming from her and our arguments end up into a physical contact. I am bigger than my sister and I try as much as possible not to hurt her back even if she is charging at me with full strength. After going through this kind of situation/turmoil for more than a year now, I had a heart to heart talk with her. It was just recently when I was seeing the change and experiencing the light at the end of the tunnel with our relationship. I confronted her by asking for forgiveness for anything wrong that I have done to her and admitting to my mistakes, I am imperfect and perhaps because I am 7 years older than she is, she might have thought that I will let her get away with things the whole time. I confessed to her that I didn't want to be beaten physically and I didn't want to go through this kind of routine of a fight with her. I wanted change and I wanted us to have a better relationship. Up until we compromised that we should act more maturely and act wiser this time around, I reminded her that there are only the two of us siblings and our dad. It will always be family whom we will turn back to, no matter what. So, I appealed to her that I wanted to have peace between us and that she matters a lot to me. With prayers and perseverance on not giving up on her, I can say that things lit up. I am thankful to the Lord for all His guidance because no matter what rough road and darkness we went through, He still showed us the light! How do you handle situations that you feel are too dense to resolve?
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@zzyw87 (1260)
• Philippines
3 Jan 12
My sister and I don't quarrel physically. When we fight, we usually shout at each other then ignore each other for days. We also have our good and bad days. On good days, we talk about stuff like family issues, about our relatives, etc. On bad days when we fight, we get sarcastic with each other and shout for a few minutes or so. Then we ignore each other for a one or two days. After that, when our tempers have cooled down, then we say sorry. We are not really close, but we are civil to each other.
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16 Nov 11
It is very encouraging that after you walk in the darkness you still see the light at the end... Life is full of surprises. It is when we think of giving up then hope comes out... I have similar case as to you...but only words that fly in and out of the house that hurts to much to my sis.. Until such time that i dont want to be angry anymore... What i do best is crying...thats why i cry a lot Asking GOd to help me...HE answered me..HE Gives me lot of patience and let me understand the situation of my sis... As some quote is saying " we cannot change others but we can change ourselves". So then it started over and even without a hug to my sis i still encourage her to fight life even in e-mails...