Parenting the second time around...

@BCRMike (279)
Vanderhoof, British Columbia
November 14, 2011 10:21am CST
I and my wife are parenting our grandson. And this is my turn to stay home and raise him. I have MS and can't work. Despite the rewards that come with the job, I have concluded the job can be best put in two words... MOTHERHOOD SUCKS. Not all the time mind you. But sometimes. 8-]
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@gtargirl (5385)
• United States
17 Nov 11
I know huh? And then they grow up and raise some more havoc!!!!! You gotta take all the golden nuggets when you get. My 19-year-old actually sent me a text message the other day to ask if I made it home all right. I'll take it. Of course, you and the wife, are doing it again! Kudos to you, my friend.
@BCRMike (279)
• Vanderhoof, British Columbia
17 Nov 11
Thanks Debby. I am the most blessed guy in the world this time. MS has offered me the greatest gift a guy can have. Bread winner to the first batch, and full time grandfather (father figure because the sperm donor is nowhere to be seen.) I am home with Jason every day, and miss him despite the fact that he makes me crazy lots. Haha As much as he is more grown up than most kids, I try to let him be a kid too. It's a funny relationship we have. But I wouldn't trade it. For anything, even my health. Even a miraculous healing if I had to choose it...
@myfb2009 (8304)
• Malaysia
17 Nov 11
Parenting can be a very tough job and can take almost all of our precious time. But the joy of seeing the child that we had taken care had grown-up is a very joyful moment. At this moment, i am still parenting my son who is still at a tender age of 5. Everyday, seems very challenging for me since he is quite fussy person. But, i am still enjoying all these moments since it had changed my life a lot.
@jaiho2009 (39001)
• Philippines
14 Nov 11
You have to choice for the meantime, but be one :) I know motherhood is the best job in the world and not everyone loves it.
@BarBaraPrz (20692)
• St. Catharines, Ontario
14 Nov 11
You may be right. How would I know? I don't have kids. There I didn't go.
@WakeUpKitty (8706)
• Netherlands
14 Nov 11
Well I can only agree with that and this is not even your kid. I am parenting around I think for the 3rd time and all my kids. Eldest 2 27 and 26, next one 21 and the youngest two 8 and just 6 years old. Already told my daughter that granny is not at home if she becomes a mother to babysit till the end.