Fighting Lung Cancer Naturally

@srjac0902 (1170)
November 24, 2011 5:44am CST
Today at random I browsed a website - and read that the in taking of Marine Phytoplankton can heal the lung cancer without chemo theraphy. It can be a hope to overcome this dreadful sickness. Many are the victims of lung cancer. Once there had been no cure for such sickness. But when a person is higly motivated she can fight cancer or any other dreadful disease. Man is subjective. No treatment is absolute or stardized with same results for everybody. But the subconscious state of life and an inner disposition works or influences the physical condition of the body. We human being must not be the victims of our pathetic condition. The greatness of human life is not to escape from the conflict or suffering but to face it with alternative approach.
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25 Nov 11
My husband was just recently diagnosed for liver cancer and is scheduled for treatment next month. As a wife and mom of two, it is distressing, and in times like these, i need to be open-minded and considerate to the different or alternative treatments that are out there. I have a medical degree, therefore i know that radiation therapy is harmful and that it probably won't completely cure the person from cancer. I have been reading a lot of books on alternative healing or therapies, and most of them are from the hay publication. 2 yrs ago i watched a vid on how you can heal your life in a another way. but that's not all, i came across a book on silva mind control and from there i learned more that evrything is in your head, and that you can indeed heal yourself from within.
@m4gin00 (120)
• Philippines
25 Nov 11
natural medicine are much better than chemical since they have no side effect....i think medicine will work best if you accept it not in the body but into your mind...after taking a medicine you must put it in your mind that your cancer will be gone tomorrow and you have to enjoy life try to be happy every moment of your life....laughter and being positive is always the best medicine...
@ceasar09 (442)
• Philippines
24 Nov 11
That is important information for all of us and now we know that there is such cure for a lung cancer and maybe we can still fight for these diseases and maybe eating Marine Plankton can also get us away from certain diseases. I agree for what you said that we must not escape from conflicts or suffering but rather face it and find alternative ways to overcome these obstacles. And also when we tend to fight for diseases we has the higher change to get well from it. Also when we believe for the effects of these medicine we also tend to get more effect from the medicine. Lets just be strong in any instances in our life to make a healthy and productive living.
@LaurenInLA (2272)
• United States
24 Nov 11
I'm not sure whether or not this would work but I think that when you have cancer that you should try all approaches. Many alternative approaches can be used alongside traditional treatments. One of my friends swears by a raw food diet as a cure. When her husband was diagnosed with leukemia, they went to a place in Florida and his blood count stabilized. She also met a woman there who had brain cancer and went on a raw food regimen and has been in remission for 3 years. On the other hand, I can tell you that a family member combined traditional and alternative therapies and lost his battle with lung cancer.
• India
24 Nov 11
This is not only useful information together with link to the site, but also accompanied by good thoughts. At least one member Marguicha is undergoing chemo I know and if she either reads this or I share the weblink, she may benefit from it. I'll pm her to inform about this. IT is one of the most dreaded disease and I always felt deeply about the condition of cancer patients. The trauma they undergo is something that touches me. In fact Marguicha informed in a post a few days' back that she is improving. Thanks for a good share.
@derek_a (10902)
24 Nov 11
An interesting statement... "That we must not be the vicims of our pathetic condition".. But we have a lot to learn if we suspend judgment. As a Zen practitioner, I often find myself judging what comes into awareness - to me it is just the work of the mind (ie. ego mind as some would refer to it), in zazen known as makyo, the objective of which is transcendence. Everybody is different in the way they respond to nutrition, and in meditation I notice patterns of responses that I am aware of in my body. Many times, deep awareness and acceptance of such responses actually cause those responses to disappear and alter the way my body responds to life and a healing takes place. I guess it depends on how deep the karmic links go as to how long it would take. But as with certain nutrients, Zen practice is not for everyone and when encountering Zen, some will even avoid it. _Derek