Do boys like to spoil his girlfriends?

November 28, 2011 8:55am CST
I want to be spoiled by boyfriend everytime.He sound he likes to spoil me but i am afraid of my boyfriend will be bored.Will my boyfriend be bored from me?
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28 Nov 11
You should also spoil him. However, he will be never bored from you if he loves you.
21 Jan 12
no...boys do hurt their gals
@bubuth (1816)
• Philippines
9 Mar 12
I think it will depend on the personal characteristic of your boyfriend and it will depend on his likes and don't like. I will give my opinion base on my experience, my husband always spoiled me,like he buy what i want if he have an extra budget but if he think its enough,its enough. He spoiled me in the way that he know the limitation. I think you boyfriend will not get bored of spoiling you if he truly love you.
@deep16 (1)
25 Dec 11
No,it's Not Like That All You Need Is "TRUST'...
@Xansus (950)
• Bulgaria
9 Dec 11
Love i dont find boring , i think everyone that is devoted to someone want to give all his time and attention to him as possible . But by spoiled you mean gifts and stuff i think a girl should know its place and not ask about such things . If a man wants to make a gift to you he will , otherwise at this age gifting is something different , the women want to be independed and now they work to get the things they want :P But well that in a way is good for us ;P But i do like to spend all my time with the girl i love , not possible for me now but well life is life ;)
@boyuancy (1709)
• India
2 Dec 11
Spoiled as in how do you want your boyfriend to spoil you? Do you want him to give you expensive gifts and stuff? If so then I'm afraid YES. He may think you are just being materialistic and may even leave you. But if you want to be reminded of how special you are to him constantly, I think that can be done. But you have to respond with the same emotion.
@ohid2u (145)
• Bangladesh
29 Nov 11
Its really hard to understand what is happening in other minds.
@tessa9 (1086)
• Philippines
29 Nov 11
Some guys don't like to spoil while others do not. one thing is for sure though, everything that is constant will grow old sometimes. Spoil him in return. Don't just expect everything from him. It is also nice to prove that you can be independent. being spoiled is nice but consider him also.
@soulist (2986)
• United States
28 Nov 11
It depends on what you consider being spoiled. Some guys spend money on their girlfriends, others spoil their girlfriend in different ways. Mine spoils me by doing a lot of different things for me. If I say im going to get a drink he gets up to get it for me or he will go out to buy a bag of chips if I am craving some. He spoils me by loving me.
@WakeUpKitty (8706)
• Netherlands
28 Nov 11
No boys don't like to spoil there girlfriend. Which is not positive btw. Spoiled people are very annoying and unpleasant to live with. So I assume you mean you like to have an attentive boyfriend who cares about you and shows you he loves you in every way? I don't think there will be much boys/men doing that if you don't give anything back. At least a very good feeling about themselves. I don't understand what you mean by: he SOUND he likes to spoil me. Does this mean he said he would but he never did? Yes your boyfriend will be bored of you if you give nothing in return and if you keep whimping like a little girl you want to be spoiled. If your boyfriend does that he has to do it because he finds you a great person, not because you keep screaming, whimping, crying like a 2 year old. I wish you love, the real one!
@jazzyrae (1747)
• United States
28 Nov 11
a relation ship takes two people working you cant just expect to be spoiled and have him stay intrested what do you do special for him.... what can you do
@Alechin (217)
• Slovak Republic
28 Nov 11
Im sure that if you let him spoil you, but at the same time let him know, that you dont require him to do that, nor do you take it for granted, he will not get bored by it. And guess what? How bout spoiling him back? Anyways good luck and have a nice day. :)
@Aja103654 (5658)
• Philippines
28 Nov 11
some boyfriends do, some don't. you want to be treated as a princess? your boyfriend may or may not like the idea. bored of pampering you? that's a possibility. the best person to ask that would be your boyfriend. what way do you want to be spoiled?