Causes For Our Suffering.

@srjac0902 (1170)
December 16, 2011 3:03pm CST
Christmas is approaching. Many have been planning to collect money for shapping and planning. But still there are a number of people with their suppressed sentiments. Instead of rejoicing for this feast of Christmas they are in gloom. Why? Most of the people live as single. They may have some pets at home but they have no one with whom they can confidently can share. To tell the hidden truth, many do not have the finances for christmas shopping and they do not want to show it up. The question of shopping like many others is leading them to depression and tension not knowing what to buy and where to tap the money. Many must be undergoing grief for their own sickness, and for the mamily members, many might have lost their beloved people and the pets. Some must have been still suffering for their divorce from the partners and enstrangement. Even the children may not like to see them. Grandchildren perhaps deny them. Some are perhaps are forced to entertain their relatives and well wishers. Yet this Christmas invites us to rejoice. To see the Baby Jesus laid down in the manger! everybody remains silent and feels some thing that they cannot explain. Jesus too was deprived of all comforts and glory
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@WakeUpKitty (8706)
• Netherlands
16 Dec 11
I am sorry to hear you are depressed. If I read your discussions most of them are about being depressed for one reason or an other. I never did Christmas shopping and I never will. I don't like to follow that hype. Also I don't like to give presents on a celebration day that has nothing to do with buying expensive stuff. If I read all those discussions about Christmas over here I am sooo happy I am not part of this hype. At Januar or Februar I won't be in money trouble because of these days. I did not waste my money on presents most people don't like and will throw or put away. I am single since 21 years and I never felt lonesome or pathetic or left over. I don't care about following the cattle, I don't want to be just a sheep in it. I want to make my own dicisions and plan for myself where to spend my money on. If I gie a present I do it to someone who treats me well and this can be any time in the year. That is what christmas should be about! For me christmas are those great 2 days free. Shops closed, nobody is bothering me, pajama day as long as possible, no need to cook or clean or shopping. Actually these are the only nearly free days in the year I have. And they are great for relaxing doing what I like (my kids do the same) and watching old movies. And I can assure you nobody is depressed because we are poor. BTW especially if you are poor you should be so creative that you can think out a way to give home made presents (all kinds of). You should see what my kids made out of old stuff to decorate the house with.
• Philippines
17 Dec 11
But wait we are celebrating Christmas because of baby Jesus he is the center of all the celebration for Christmas? The gift for Children is only a part of what God Blessings we had for the whole year! We also have to share because what we give is what we receive! We cannot give also if we have no blessings! Lord is good we also have to save but....we also have to share!!!
17 Dec 11
christmas is a tradition followed by many today. They view it as a day to get close to families and relatives and a time to give and take gifts. Some do some shopping beyond what they could pay in cash. As a result additional expenses to be paid in the following months. The motive is good but if we examine it carefully christmas is now being commercialized. We could give gifts to our love ones anytime of the year not only on christmas.
• United States
17 Dec 11
Christmas is different for everyone. I know some people who lost friends and family at Christmas, so it can be hard for them to handle. Most of my friends and family are shop-aholics and they feel like they have to get everything that their friends and families need for the holidays.
@bird123 (10518)
• United States
17 Dec 11
Perhaps if we make Christmas about others, we won't have time to be sad, thinking of ourselves. No money for gifts??? Did you know that the gifts that are remembered the longest are those personally created by us. Example: How about a photo album of our shared life together??? How about a special homemade desert??? How about a gift certificate saying you will wash their car for a year??? Yes, Christmas is about SHARING. Share that which is special about you with others. Share your Love and Kindness. Let them Feel it. Make that joyful noise even if you feel bad. You will soon start feeling good. Even if you have no one in the world, totally alone. Go to the missions and help feed homeless people. One can discover Joy just to serve others. WE can all make this the very BEST Christmas ever!! Let's let nothing stop us! MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY!!!
• India
17 Dec 11
There are no any specific causes for our suffering, we just need to hold our nerves right and find the right plot to win that it.. happy christmas.