My friend having a third baby.

United States
December 17, 2011 3:01pm CST
I congratulate my friend last night while I was working on my part time job. He is my co - worker the same time, he is my friend. We being working together for over 2 years already, and on Thursday night, his wife was having a third baby. So, on Friday night, he only work a couple of hours, with the manager permission, he can leave early to see his wife and the baby in the hospital. Too bad, I was swamped with work, otherwise, I would love to visit his wife and the new - born baby too. I never imagine myself to have more than 2 kids, but sometimes, with 3 babies might make a crowd. I congratulate my friend once again, and I hope that his baby is healthy.
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@maximax8 (27954)
• United Kingdom
29 Dec 11
Congratulations to your co-worker and friend having his third baby. I hope that his wife had an easy and not too painful time at their baby's birth. Both my disabled son and my daughter were born on a Saturday. That is a non working day so that was lucky. My older son is sixteen years old and is so very grown up. He is at college studying A Levels. Until he was twelve years old he was an only child. I was married when he was born and my marriage lasted for just six years before I got divorced. I went into another relationship and ended up having two more children. So I also have my four year old disabled son and my two year old daughter. I like having three children. My sister has four children and she has the ideal family. Good luck to your friend, his wife and new baby number three.
@jadoixa (1171)
• Philippines
22 Dec 11
wow congratulations to your friend..i think 1 or 2 babies and kids nowadays is more than enough..babies are always a blessing but for me it depends on how i am capable of supporting the's kind of hard to have a lot of kids if we can't really provide for them..but if a baby comes i always welcome and accept it happily and hope he or she is a healthy and normal one..just accept full responsibility or plan not to have it anymore..
@sjvg1976 (18380)
• Delhi, India
18 Dec 11
Hello Kingparker, Cogratulations to your friend and hope mother and kid is healthy. I also wanted to have one kid but God wanted something else for us and my wife had twins though i did not want twin kids as they were so weak from the starting of the pregnacy of my wife but protein suppliments and medication made them stronger.Though they were weaker than the normal babies when they born but now they are OK and now they are of 3 years.
@jaiho2009 (39021)
• Philippines
18 Dec 11
I also wish to have 2 kids only. And I make it three...not bad then. Yes, having 3 kids is a crowd when they're small. But once they grow up- you will miss to have a little one.
@WakeUpKitty (8707)
• Netherlands
18 Dec 11
The more kids the easier life is since they help out you and each other. Having a big family is complete different from having just one or 2 kids.
@stephcjh (32328)
• United States
18 Dec 11
I hope the baby is healthy too. I only had one child. I now have a grandbaby too. that is enough but my daughter plans to have more later on, possibly.
@Hazelme (649)
• United States
17 Dec 11
That's really exciting!I can imagine how happy they must feel. A baby is always a great blessing and gives the couple more responsibility and they grow up more as a family. :D
@rokudaime (339)
• Australia
17 Dec 11
My warm congratulations to your friend for having their third baby! Indeed, new born babes are blessing from our Lord above. Life is a gift and so we must cherish and relish it. Merry Christmas! ^_^
@Queen_11 (308)
• Philippines
17 Dec 11
Good for him and his wife. I guess that is another reason for him to work hard :)