Exotic Food All Around The World

January 10, 2012 7:06am CST
What exotic food have you tried? I am from Malaysia and asian love our Durian, some people really cant stand the smell, personally i love Durian, but i dont like to eat it so much coz it make my body heat increase and i feel hot. I love the smell and i have no problem with it. I think Durian is still acceptable . Some people eat even more weird food like scorpion, monkey brain , snake etc. I have tried eating grasshoper 7 years ago. it taste nice too like prawn, i went to these villages in jungle for work visit and i try it coz they seem to enjoy it so much and im so curious. that was the only time i ever try eating eat haha.. What about you? have any exotic food experience you have tried. Really curious to know how it feels like eating weird stuff.. peace!