What is the first recipe or meal that you learned to cook or bake?

@vycess (1590)
Saudi Arabia
January 14, 2012 6:45am CST
The first recipe I learned to cook is "sinigang". It is very easy and one of my favorite filipino foods. The first food I bake is a chocolate cake, even though it's not perfect, it's still taste good. I feel happy when I learn new things. What about you?
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@asliah (11148)
• Philippines
20 Sep 12
hi, actually i have learned to cook in my own when i worked far in my house and i need to take a boarding house,the first recipe i have learned was the chicken adobo,and the one who taught me was my mother.
@sid556 (31005)
• United States
16 May 12
I learned to bake really young. I made cakes and things in my Easy-bake oven. From there I think I baked brownies and chocolate chip cookies before moving on to more complicated things. My first meal, I thing was spaghetti. Not sure as that was a long long time ago.
• Philippines
12 May 12
the first thing I learned how to cook was rice, then came frying like hotdogs, eggs and some other things that can be fried. i haven't baked though as we don't have oven.
• Philippines
15 Jan 12
Hi vycess, I honestly don't remember what I learned first. I guess it was cooking rice? Well, if we are talking about cakes here, the first cake that I learned to make is the "Oreo cream cake". You just layer a biscuit and a creamer and oreo crumbles and make the layering twice then you just put it in a freezer and wait for it to freeze. And yes, put condensed milk to make it sweet. You add that to the layer too. It is yummy
@deebomb (15322)
• United States
14 Jan 12
Hello vycess. My first dish was to be a fruit pie. I was about eleven years old and was eager to learn to cook. I was living with an aunt and she gave me the instruction for the pie crust. She then went to visit the neighbors. I got the shorting and baking powder mixed up. any way the flour didn't turn into pea size balls as pie crust should. So I had to start over. The pie did turn out pretty good..
• India
14 Jan 12
The first dish i made was noodles. god, my parents almost puked . its was too salty and too oily. also i forgot to add water!!
@Bamboee (645)
• United Arab Emirates
14 Jan 12
The first recipe that I learned was "lady finger - a vegetable", eaten with bread. My mother was sick and she could not get up and cook, and I was very young, maybe 9 years old. Then she directed me, and I cooked it all.. Though it was not at all even close to the taste that my mom use to make but everyone at with a smile and congratulated me!! I felt so proud and good!! Now its my signature dish, because I have mastered it over the years.. now I am married and it has become my husband's favorite. he use to never eat it when his mother use to cook, but mine he is just so in love with it! :) - so all thanks to my family for appreciating me that day!