PayPal transactions all of a sudden taking much longer?

@maezee (33917)
United States
January 18, 2012 7:24pm CST
This discussion probably belongs in the 'PayPal' category if there is such a category, but anyways - after being off of eBay for probably 2-3 months, I noticed lately that when you sell something, and the buyer transfers the money into your account, eBay now posts 'estimated availability dates' on the money that the person owes you for whatever they bought. I just sold two different auctions and both of them have 'estimated availability dates' out into February. I used to kind of rely on the money I got from these buyers to pay for the shipping of the item (it would be instantly transferred, and then would take a couple business days to transfer from PayPal to my actual bank account) but now it's saying it's going to take a lot longer? I have the money to ship these items, but I'm still curious as to what happened with this - as it's definitely not something I noticed before... What do you think? Have you noticed this?
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31 Jan 12
I sold a comic book a little while ago and I wasn't allowed to use the money for three weeks, it was puzzling to me, but I made sure to mail my comic to the person who bought it.
@bounce58 (17524)
• Canada
21 Jan 12
I think this is similar to the last transaction I did with my online store. Someone ordered some of our item, and he paid it right away with his PayPal. But it took a while before it cleared. I was surprised, but when I emailed him and told him that I wouldn't ship his item until his transaction cleared, he said he was fine with it. So, I guess it's a common thing.
• United States
19 Jan 12
Sadly with growing numbers of users, things like this get much slower. Though, I haven't had this problem in particular as all my transactions thus far have been instant. Is this transfers to your bank account or just your PayPal account? Overall, though, I'd think the expansive userbase is the root of this problem and lagging the system, so to speak.
@Mashnn (4503)
19 Jan 12
I don't do buying or selling through the Paypal but I would think may be the delay is been caused by the increasing number of customer using Paypal. I hope they sort out this issue soon.