Airport worker 'stole from passengers' bags' ~ Check your belongings!

January 21, 2012 4:46pm CST
News about this guy been selling stuffs he stole from passengers bag and has been doing it since 3 years ago. He was caught when ipad he was accused of stealing has been traced on craiglist. We should really lock our luggage while travelling!
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@Porcospino (16434)
• Denmark
21 Jan 12
My brother has experienced that as well. Some years ago we were travelling together, and my brother had put his cellphone in the luggage that he checked in. When we arrived his cellphone was gone. When I opened my luggage I could tell that someone had opened it and gone through my things. Nothing was missing, but I guess that was because there was nothing worth stealing (I always keep my valuables in my handluggage) After that experience I started locking my bags, and I still do that do that today.
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@cearn25 (3460)
• Philippines
22 Jan 12
How long has he been doing that? Oh my gosh. I feel pity for those who have been a victim of his wrong doing. Gladly he was already been caught by the authority. Now, people, as an advice, we shouldn't just go easy on our belongings. We must be careful about it because there already many people who have bad motives even in their workplace. We couldn't avoid people who are like that because many people are very desperate.
@yanzalong (9943)
• Indonesia
22 Jan 12
You are right, everywhere we go, we should lock the bag. Make sure you never trust anyone you don't know to get close to your bag. Always carry it with you. While seated, have your bag tied to your hand and all the zippers are locked. If you carry your laptop make sure the laptop bag is not the ordinary one that others may have. Attach special things to your bag so that it is clearly differnt to others' bags.
@saundyl (9698)
• Canada
22 Jan 12
That really really sucks. Glad he got caught. I was under the impression that locking ones bags are discouraged for customs if they choose to go through them...if its locked they will cut the lock. I have made a habit if writing and inventory of everything in my bag...making a copy of it and labelling one copy one and the other copy two so i have a list in there and on me. Also i will Zip tye my zippers shut so if customs does open it they can just cut the zip tie rather than ruining a lock on me. I tend to keep my bag "ogranized" dirty clothes in one part and clean in another..with gifts and souvenirs in the middle. When i came home from hawaii...customs opened my bag and totally rifled through...mixed the dirty in with the clean and vice versa...even opened a brand new deck of cards and left the scattered through the bag. I'm sorry but it irked me that they opened sealed packaged.