February 3, 2012 1:04pm CST
guys what do you think, will you marry a girl who is higher than you in case of knowledge
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@WakeUpKitty (8706)
• Netherlands
3 Feb 12
You should ask my husband. Well I can answer for him.. he did. He only had a few years basic school on a very low base. Seems it's no problem if you live in Africa. In Western countries they say: men say they like a woman with brains but if it comes to it he prefers a stupid .. Why? Because they don't feel comfortable if the woman is higher educated or earns more. Only men with a low self esteem suffer from this btw. If you have plenty of self esteem this is not even a subject of discussion then you marry the one you love and want to be with.
• Somalia
6 Feb 12
wow kitty that's great, but all women may not treat their husbands the same,.. any way me i am very much afraid about marrying a woman who is higher educated than me,
@mz_Ira (1091)
• Philippines
3 Jun 12
Hey there! Good topic you got here. beforehand, knowledge in what? Honestly, At first I thought of not marrying a guy who knows more as in literally more educated but then that is not the case until I got married. When we say actually " knowledge" we just think of finishing with Bachelor or Masters only. We cannot say that this person knows more because he attained higher education or more years of education than me ( but you don't know that the level of knowledge you have is the same to that person in different ways). People learn things in many ways-- School, friends, resources and experiences. You may think that this person know more but come to think of it he/she actually may not know something that you do know well My hubby and I both graduated with a Bachelor hence we have the same knowledge even if he had 5 yrs of education in College whilst I had 4yrs only. Its better to combine 2 persons knowledge besides 2 brains is better that one right? My husband maybe good at this while I'm not BUT there are instances that I know how to handle things well than him which saves our time and effort from all the hassles.. Respect is the only answer. Not because a girl knows more means she can be the head of the family. Decisions are shared Have a good day! Mz_Ira
@tonyllenium (6266)
• Italy
28 Mar 12
yes i think i can marry a woman older than me such as not so big difference,15 or more years than me ,but if she is a bit older than me i think it wouldn't be a problem!!some girl here interested?