The sweet smell of Ratrani FLOWER

February 12, 2012 7:33am CST
As I have said I am attending seminar of Orissa Physical society, because of health issues I am staying in a fellow scientist’s home instead of the hotel room. This evening I was sitting in the rooftop garden of Professor Saha, it was so sweet smelling, as if someone has sprayed perfume there. I enquired him about this smell, he said it is from a flower we call ‘Ratrani’ or ‘Night-Queen’, because this scent comes at night only. I have requested him to give me few pieces from the plant which I will plant in our garden, no full plant is needed. The teacher in me, made some research and found this information on this plant. Its scientific name is, ‘Cestrum nocturnum’ the common names include night-blooming cestrum, lady of the night, and queen of the night, night-blooming Jessamine, and night-blooming jasmine. It has the strongest fragrance out of all the fragrant plants we carry. In the evening the fragrance becomes almost intoxicating. It is a common misconception that this bush is fragrant only at night. It is true that the fragrance is stronger in the evening but you can still smell a light scent all day long. Plants bloom on and off during the warmer months of the year. Night Blooming Jasmine grows very fast. You will have to trim it back (after the flowers) and upgrade the pot size after a while. They should not be grown in pots forever, but new plants can be started easily from cuttings if the plant gets too big and old. [b]Do you have this in your garden? Try to get some; you will like it, if you like scents and perfumes like me. Do you wear perfumes, what is your favorite, mine is rose. Hope you find this information useful. Please comment on this and share your opinion. Thanks in advance. Let’s enjoy life to fullest. [/b] Professor ‘*^Bhuwan^*’. . 12/2/2012.