My boss got suddenly nice to me today...

@maezee (34483)
United States
February 13, 2012 7:50pm CST
I just think this is somewhat a funny story. To me. I have been hassling my boss about getting a Friday off, using my vacation pay (any Friday, really, I have not been picky!) for about 2 months. She has kept putting me off with excuses and whatnot, and even jokingly (but seriously) saying things like, "You don't need a day off!", etc. I really don't NEED a day off but it would be nice, and I've been accumulating some vacation time, so I might as well use it to give myself a nice, long weekend. Anyhow, I was casually discussing with her a job I saw posted for the local post office, which I am increasingly interested in, and all of sudden she kind of flipped out and gave me all the forms I needed to take a day off. She knows that I'm not going to work for her forever, as it's a position that really isn't GOING anywhere if you know what I mean, but it must have freaked her out a little bit and reminded her of how much she relies on me! I just thought it was interesting that as soon as I mentioned a potential job, just in reference, that I hadn't even APPLIED to yet, she started acting WAY nicer to me and offering to give me that vacation day. I guess it just goes to show you - don't take people for granted.... Has this kind of thing ever happened to you? Humor me!
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@bounce58 (17524)
• Canada
16 Feb 12
That's really funny! People (sometimes, bosses) really take others for granted that only when there's a threat of something else that they get their undies in a knot! It's like my old job. For a while I knew that I was well underpaid there. There were two us in the department and the other was a senior guy. Although I did 70% of the work, he was paid more. When I came to my boss and told her I was quitting. She suddenly offered me more money! Unfortunately for her, there were other things that I had to consider so I still quit.
@veronizm (909)
• Philippines
14 Feb 12
Hahahahaha! Well that should teach her a lesson. I haven't experienced that before though. I guess this is a perfect example of the saying, "You'll never know how important someone is until you lose them