I plucked all my eyebrows out!

United States
February 24, 2012 9:07pm CST
I hate my eyebrows! I have my dad's eyebrows... they are like gray whiskers that just stick out. They don't lay down and they are very course... they have been that way since I went through menopause. I hate them. I've shaved them off before several times and drew on pretty eyebrows .... Well, I got in a mood last night and I just started plucking. I only meant to try and pluck the whiskery ones, but that ended up being all of them because they are all gray or white stiff whiskery eyebrows.. some grow over an inch long, and I have to trim them.. I'm sick of it. I will keep them plucked and shade in the area with eyebrow shaping with a brush. It's kind of like eye shadow but darker and goes on with a brush.. it works better than a pencil. Does anyone here have horrible eyebrows? Have you ever plucked them all out or shaved them off? My eyebrows look like my dad's and my brother's... awful on a woman. I like to be feminine and those eyebrows of mine are masculine.. I hate them!