Caffeine content of drinks...

@maezee (33288)
United States
February 28, 2012 5:59pm CST
Do you pay attention to the caffeine content of drinks? I sort of do, although I try to definitely avoid caffeine unless it's coffee and in the morning (in which case I need as much as I can get - especially lately with waking up at 05:30 am). But some of my ice tea drinks (such as Arizona) that I find myself drinking don't post the caffeine content (MG) on the side of the can. I've noticed a similar thing with some sodas. Some do - and I know energy drinks do - but why don't more products post on the nutritional label how much caffeine is in each serving? Have you ever noticed this as well? Do you keep close tabs on your caffeine intake?
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@lrdl3535 (153)
• United States
29 Jul 12
I think a lot of companies don't really know how much is in there products. They use different ingredients from different places. These ingredients all have different amounts of caffeine in them. Another reason they might not want you to know is that it might actually slow people down on drinking there product. If it has more then most people would want to consume in a day.
@bounce58 (17524)
• Canada
12 Mar 12
I've actually been paying attention to caffeine content on my drinks. Albeit it's just diet coke and coffee that I drink. A few years ago, it was just diet coke that I drink. I could never get past the after-lunch wall if I didn't get my caffeine fix. Then 2 years ago, I started drinking coffee as the diet coke couldn't do it for me anymore. Lately, I've been noticing that I get terrible headaches on the weekends when I don't drink coffee. So, now I drink on the weekends too. I need to cut it down, without the headache and the drowsiness at work.
@loboluke (34)
• United States
29 Feb 12
Hello Maezee! i have noticed the same things! I find the caned energey drinks realy bad for you and horible tasting. The best thing is if you want caffeine just drink coffee. allot of the arizona teas and energy drinks have added things in it that are bad for you. One day i drank a blue monster energy drink and i had a horrible migrane that night. I would recomind staying away from any coke,monsters,canned tea. The best thing you can do is make it at home and pring a thermost full of it for all day.
@beamer88 (4267)
• Philippines
29 Feb 12
Honestly, I really don't take close tabs on the caffeine content of whatever I take. For some reason, it just hasn't occurred to me to do so. I just count the cups of coffee I take. It's the worst kind of counting, I know. :) But you're right, all products that have caffeine in them should indicate the amount on the labels. Actually, I just assumed they did. I even thought it was mandatory for food manufacturers to do so.
@bing28 (3798)
• Philippines
29 Feb 12
That's one thing I maybe have taken for granted. I don't mind the caffeine content of my drinks. Except for the coffee that I reduced the number of cups I'm taking with the other drinks I just take those without minding the caffeine content. Thanks for posting from this time on I'll be checking with the caffeine contents of my drinks.