Have you ever got your hands on an "Advanced Reading Copy"?

@maezee (30082)
United States
February 29, 2012 7:43pm CST
I'm not even sure where these books come from. But of course I was at the thrift store about a week or two ago and I picked up a book (James Patterson - Post Card Killers) without realizing that it was an Advanced Reading Copy, AKA, un-edited! I didn't realize until I started reading and found a few spelling errors. I think it's kind of cool to see it raw. But I wonder if after it's edited, the content changes as well? Such as exerpts are taken out and plot lines are changed? Where do these books come from, anyway? (They have in small print on them "ADVANCED READING COPY - NOT FOR SALE). Did the editor donate this? Are they given away for promotional purposes? Or how do we get our hands on these things? Have you ever read an 'Advanced Reading Copy' version of a book?
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• India
1 Mar 12
Never heard about such books, may be our publishers don't have. Thanks for telling, i will ask publisher friends.
@peavey (15953)
• United States
1 Mar 12
Yes, I have. When I was writing for About.com I got a few books from authors who wanted me to write blurbs for them. They would send me the reading copy so I would know what it was about, then I'd write a paragraph or so and they would print it on the back of the book. That's how they get those. The books haven't really been finished at that point because they need editing, but they're finished enough. The content doesn't change that much, although a paragraph may be added or deleted, or a few words changed around.