Parenthood., interesting but NEVER easy

March 15, 2012 9:02am CST
I couldnt help but be awed at some of our neighbors here at our place when i hear them getting married or having a baby at age range of 14-18 years. when my brothers got married and settled down, i saw first hand how difficult it was to transform from single to married, to married to becoming parents. When my sister in law got pregnant, happiness and excitement was there, likewise the need for more money for check ups, vitamins and supplements and more money for delivery. And more! apart from that, the responsibility that accompanies the track to parenthood... so many diverse roles to play, such as being a good wife, still a good daughter, and then a good mother! all at the same time! these realizations made me realize that i am sooo not ready to be a parent just yet... Have you tried to think about it? Thanks for sharing
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• Philippines
16 Mar 12
I'm already 21 years old and the thought of marriage did already came to my mind, however, I still don't really want to get married since I still have plans to be a doctor. I sure don't like to go into marriage without a way to sustain it. Yes, I'm already a nurse but somehow, I don't want to work as one. I want to be a doctor and be able to provide my future family with every need that comes up. I do have a girlfriend and I'm just thankful that we both think the same way, she's also studying to be a lawyer.
@Cherish14 (2695)
• Philippines
16 Mar 12
hi there, i agree with you. and all i can say is, i know parenting is much more, waaaaaay more difficult than giving birth. i don't have a child of my own yet but i take care of my nephew since he was born and i want to be honest, i feel bad for my parents because of their problems with my brothers. i tell you things get awful and so i am thinking, i hope i don't experience this hardship when the time comes. my boyfriend has been talking about having a family someday and all that, but i know in myself that i am ready too. we just need to be stable and ready in everything.
@yanzalong (10174)
• Indonesia
16 Mar 12
If financial support is there nothing is difficult in marriage life. What may be a problem is when misunderstanding between husband and wife occur. Although they are financially strong, quarrel in marriage will lead to marriage breakup.
@Archaiwy (599)
• China
16 Mar 12
Yeah.It's easy to become parents, but it is never easy to be good parents. Parents not only provide their children food, money and some other material things but also they should support their children spiritually and the latter is more important. Eneryone needs help from his family.All parents want to look after their children well but sometimes they do something bad even hurt their children although they have dood intentions.
@WakeUpKitty (8706)
• Netherlands
15 Mar 12
I was 17 as I was pregnant, i never had these problems with finding it hard to be a parent (was a single one) I finished all kind of educations, did all kind of jobs. I never let others tell me what to do and all my kids are great. They all are intelligent, high educated, very creative and happy. It's not about age but about how your picture of life is, what you are willing to invest in your children and also yourself! There are plenty of parents over 40 years old who have a lot of money but who are not able to raise a kid at all.