Do you believe in FATE:LOVE

@QWoods (10)
United States
March 18, 2012 11:03pm CST
Do you believe that there is someone out there just for you? That your other half is someone out there waiting to Do you believe in love at first sight? When you see that person that you will spend the rest of your life with, or the best days of your life with you'll know it? Do you think that you'll feel it in your gut or your heart will skip a beat or something just as sweet will happen? I do. I hope you do too. Hopefully when you do find that person, they enter your life on accident and decide to stay in your life on purpose.
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• India
29 Jun 12
Sadly I believe in fate and in love. In my whole life, I can say I have only been in love with one girl and she too me. It’s like it was fate that brought she and I together. Do u believe in either of the two?
@doroffee (4230)
• Hungary
16 Apr 12
I believe in having a soul mate/the right one, but I don't believe in love at first site. I think getting to know the person is really important for saying that we're in love, because when we love, we love the whole person, not just how they look like.
@bhonti (1247)
• Philippines
20 Mar 12
Yes, I do believe in fate and love. I believe there is someone out there who is destined for you, or what they call your soulmate. That someone who you will meet as planned by God.
@Runite (307)
• United States
20 Mar 12
For love at first sight usually people are just judging by looks still I believe in love but fate is something you are assuming that's real but some times things just don't work out. Now if you mean by arranged marriages then that's fate.
@beenice2 (2274)
• Canada
19 Mar 12
Yes I do believe that too because I found the one that fit me 21 years ago. And I still stink that when you want some real help to find the one that fit you ask God's guidance it will never fail.
@Leeper (80)
• South Africa
19 Mar 12
Yes, I do believe in Love...I do believe that there is someone out there for me. Just as I believe that there is someone out there for everyone. Now, the question of when they meet - that I do not know. I met someone in 2001, now 11 years ago...and we had an otherworldly connection. I just recognized him and he me. It was what one would call Love at first sight. Even though he did not fit the physical look I liked (he was fair, and I liked dark), i simply loved him. No reason, no anything just love. He admitted the same feeling. We landed up living together etc, but things did not work out. There were many obstacles that we just could not overcome in the end. So, we did not have our happy ending but it served to remind me that Real Love exists. There may even be more than one person for you? I am not sure. I have felt attraction many times, but this otherworldly feeling only once thus far. So, I met someone that I recognized and loved - and still do. Somehow it made me see that there is something extraordinarily beautiful hiding behind the ordinary facade of every day life.
• India
19 Mar 12
I don't know what did you mean by fate:love. But I believe in love and it is the greatest thing in the life. It is like you need nothing else but your love.I don't believe in love at first sight because what I think it is, is simply attraction. You don't feel in love with looks but the heart inside and if the heart is very beautiful, it compensates for bad outside look and the person looks very good.
• Philippines
19 Mar 12
I believe yes, there's one special boy for me. I believe I have met him already. I wish though. And yes, it was love at first sight. I want to spend the rest of my life with him. And yes, I feel it in my heart and gut and my whole body. I hope everything I believe is true because it will be a great heartbreak if not. I still pay everyday that the one I'm with now is for forever.
@WakeUpKitty (8707)
• Netherlands
19 Mar 12
Believing in faith is different from believing in love. It's also different from believing there is someone somewhere ment to be for you. Although I don't think you can posess someone. Also if you are not able to live with yourself, to love yourself, to accept and pamper yourself you are also not able to do that to someone else. So even if there is someone for you that person will run out of you anyway sooner or later. For the rest I can only say I believe in twin souls and also soul mates (which is not the same and which doesn't mean these persons are your life partners and the opposite gender or the same age. I believe the spirit/soul is old and this life is just a small part of our life as a spirit and we are here to learn some lesson(s) or to finish something). I do believe that love at first sight exist although I see it as recognizing that person as the one (can be soulmate or twin soul too). If you believe in that, the person will never enter in your life by accident since it's ment to be that way. Which also means you already met before in other times and for both of you it's normal to meet again/be togehter again.