iranian and filipina relationship, religion differences is it possible to end up together?

March 19, 2012 5:14pm CST
is it possible that an iranian muslim man can fall inlove and marry a filipina christian girl?
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• Malaysia
13 Jun 12
Do not worry. From religious points of view Iranian are much different from other middle eastern. Most of them are not extremist like Suadi Arabian and Pakistani. Iranian people are much different from their government.
• Philippines
21 Mar 12
It's possible.Either you can do it by civil marriage only or both of you get married in the Catholic & Muslim Church.My godsister marred a born again Christian but she's Catholic.So what they did is they got married in Fernbrook Gardens & there where 2 officiating priests/pastors.Just for your info.If the guy is the Muslim,then the girl has to adjust by converting to their religion.
@chicgale (2982)
• Philippines
20 Mar 12
Yes, it is possible especially when they are truly love each other.
@rsa101 (15541)
• Quezon City, Philippines
20 Mar 12
As the saying goes "love knows no boundary" But of course that is ideal in many cases. I guess like most are saying here, if love is strong then that can work for them. But in most cases, cultural differences do happen and that is what makes the relationship difficult to deal with at many times. So for now, let us wait and see what happens next in their affair. They should both let each other work for the better.
@1hopefulman (32553)
• Canada
20 Mar 12
Yes, we can fall in love with a person of a different religion. However, a marriage union of people of two different religions can be very challenging as they differ in views on the most important thing in life, how they worship God.
@yahnee (1250)
• Philippines
19 Mar 12
If the love is strong, religion would not matter. The Iranian can go to this own temple and worship and same with the Christian who can go to her Christian church. They just need to have respect for each others religion and not allow it to come between them. I have a friend who is a Christian married to someone who just converted to the Muslim faith when he worked in the Middle East. So far the relationship is still going strong with no one forcing the other to join the faith against the will. I have also friends of the same religious beliefs with their relationship ending because of unfortunate circumstances not necessarily connected to religion. Sometimes, it is only the church elders who are trying to brainwash us into marrying someone of the same religion in order not to be converted. They threaten us that it is a sin but is it so?
@loonys (418)
19 Mar 12
Yes it is.