Visiting an "Exotic Showroom"

March 21, 2012 2:41pm CST
I'm a 30 year old man living out in the big city, and recently, I had a sudden want to go out to the more run down part of town to go to a strip club. This is not something usual for me, I think it's been about 3 years since I last went to one. I don't generally find them all that interesting, but I'm more interested in seeing one in the bad part of the city, because the people visiting them would be way different then the classy downtown ones, and the grungy feel isn't something I see so often. That last time I was at a strip club, what I found more interesting about the performances, was how limber the girls on stage were, and the amazing abilities they had. There is no way that I could possibly form my body into those shapes, or do the kinds of things they do. It's really quite impressive, not unlike going to the circus. After a few hours of being there, the performers were cycling back to who we first saw, and I was ready to leave by then, but the other guys thought I was just crazy for wanting to leave. We have to see all the shows! One guy who was there had another interesting perspective on it... He couldn't really see the point of going there, because he could see far more at home, on DVD or on his computer. Things far more risque, that you could never see at an exotic showroom. So, what is better about having them right there? Will strip clubs go away as more people can see more through the internet? It's all parts that I've been wondering about, so tonight, I think I'll follow up these ideas, and see what those clubs are like. I probably won't go again for at least a few years, but it'll be interesting to try out.
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• India
5 Jul 12
Exotic showroom is nice to watch and see because it is rare and unique that you do not see usually elsewhere. Having them right there knows that there are a lot of exotics that are not exposed worldwide and only few have watched. They are called exotic because their moves are very strange and impressive. It’s amaze people.
@stealthy (8188)
• United States
21 Mar 12
I haven't been to one in many, many years. But I will always remember the first time I went when I was about 18 or 19, the legal drinking age was 18 in those days(here in the U.S.). Anyway this was on a trip with some buddies to New Orleans and the club was on Bourbon Street. The girls didn't get fully naked or even topless but were almost topless since all they had were pasties. What made it so memorable was the star of the show who was called TNT Red. Her ability to twirl the tassels on her pasties was fantastic. She could twirl them in the same direction and have each one going in opposite directions. She had enormous control of her peck muscles to be able to do that. I read sometime after that about a stripper who could do similar things and she would volunteer at VA hospitals and teach the veterans who had lost an arm, or two, to gain control of their peck muscles so that they could control their prosthetic arms and hands. While some may frown upon strip places and strippers, at least one and maybe more put their talents to a very useful purpose.
• Canada
21 Mar 12
It depends on the reason for going to strip clubs in the first place, I believe. I don't think they'll ever go away entirely. Yes, people can see more online but there are people who, like it or not, go to strip clubs to have physical contact with the dancers. A young man I used to work with would go to strip clubs and get lap dances for the contact with the women. He was painfully shy and did not date easily so being close to a woman wasn't a regular thing for him. So, every so often, that's what he'd do... head to a strip club, have a drink or two and use most of his money for lap dances. I went to a male strip club once with a bunch of women and there was one woman seated at a corner table in the back... she had several of the men cycling by her table all night giving her lap dances and I admit I was surprised at how "intimate" some of them appeared to be. Anyway, one of the women in my group had been to the club before and knew of the other women... evidently she would do it every weekend. All the dancers knew her - and I guess she was spending a lot of money on them.
@bunnybon7 (37694)
• Holiday, Florida
21 Mar 12
most entertainment places are probably going down hill because of the economy i will bet. still,they could be thriving for all i know. when you consider its a place to socialise with real people for a change. let us know what happens and what you have found out. as im wondering now also. but dont think i will be going, as im a woman and in my 60's. id sure raise some brows huh?
@petersum (4525)
• United States
21 Mar 12
You have raised some interesting points, particularly about the Internet's influence. I can't talk about strip clubs, other than noting that there certainly appears to be less of them today. But really, all forms of outside (out of home, that is) entertainment do seem to be declining. Wether that is due entirely to the Internet or simply because of the financial downturn, it is very hard to determine.