Crispy...Tasty ..

Thiruvananthapuram, India
March 22, 2012 1:55am CST
Those French fries dipped in tomato or soya or chilly sauce ...quite a fresh culinary delightful experience. An occasional relishing of it is harmless. But o a regular basis as an item of tasty snack choice, it is quite detrimental to one's natural health. The oil,the ingredients ..all add to fatty food levels.It would in turn pose serious threats to one's cholesterol levels and overall well being. The Fries ,however tasty and crispy those are ... the intake should definitely be limited.
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@Sreekala (23595)
• India
24 Mar 12
Hello sukumar, I think taste is the attraction of all fried things. People often forget about the health issues and go for taste more often. If you prepare fries at home then it is safe as we are aware about the preparations. If you take it from outside then we don’t have any idea about the safety, especially the oil, it may be repeatedly used, which is really dangerous. Once in a while it is not harmful though.
@celticeagle (119107)
• Boise, Idaho
22 Mar 12
Occasionally a treat of hot, crispy fries isn't bad at all. I am a potatoe lover coming from the actual state where they are famous. I eat them in several ways and oven fries is one of the best. All things in small amounts and not over done is best for us all.
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• Canada
28 Mar 12
We have a dish here in Canada called Poutine. it's french fries with cheese curds melted in them, and hot gravy overtop. Yummy!!! Way too fattening to eat every day, but delicious to eat now and then. There is a nice place next door to my house that makes the best poutine in the world.
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• Philippines
7 May 12
Mmmm. I love eating French fries. I crave for it all the time and yes, it should just be in a limited amount because it can be bad for the health if we eat too much.
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@drannhh (15240)
• United States
15 Apr 12
Yes, I only eat them 3 or 4 times a year, and then only a few. But I agree they are tasty, as are onion rings fried in batter. YUMS! But not healthy if we eat too many of them. Anything in moderation, the saying goes.
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@dorannmwin (36698)
• United States
28 Mar 12
Though when I was a little girl, I did like french fries, I don't like them any more and it is quite rare to catch me eating them. The reason for that is because of the fact that they sit so heavily on my stomach and that is something that I don't like at all. Given the choice these days, I would much rather have something that is fresh because it is easier to digest and tastes better in my opinion as well.
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@ajithlal (14569)
• India
25 Mar 12
I also think French fries are very tasty. I think it is okay to eat French fries once in a while. I like having French fries with tomato sauce.
@ajithlal (14569)
• India
1 Jun 12
I like french fries very much. French fries dipped in tomato sauce is very tasty.