employee trying to catch his employer's daughter

April 3, 2012 9:11pm CST
well, we have this issue before in our family company where an employee of ours played the "secret admirer" role towards my cousin. and when her father, who was assigned as the company manager back then, found out about it, he had the employee fired. now, we have this employee who somehow got my personal number and has been texting me quite a lot. he wishes me well, greets me 3 times a day, tells me to take care and that he loves me. I don't bother replying nor does it really bother me at all, because i think everyone has their right to be attracted and to express their admiration. and if i tell my uncle about it, the employee might lose a job (and what if he's a bread winner of his family or whatever). so i let it just pass... he only texts though... never talks to me face to face. but if you were in my place, would you confront him and tell him to back off? if you were my parent, would you do the same thing and fire the guy? thanks for posting
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@Lisona (177)
4 Apr 12
Just take him to one side and tell him that it is unprofessional for him to have your personal number and would he not use it again. The softly softly approach. If that doesn't work be more stern with him. It can come under harassment at end of day no matter if you are a co-worker or boss or bosses daughter. Unless you want him as a friend then there is no harm is there.
@WakeUpKitty (8707)
• Netherlands
4 Apr 12
You just let it pass? You are not since you are responding. If you don't trust that employee (who abused your cousin first, I wonder if this is true) you should not reply on his texting at all. Since you do, this means you don't let it pass and you are flatered by him and you love to be admirated. I would ignore these texts (since I am not interested in this kind of admiration) and this way nobody would find out either. This guy will keep texting you as long as you are responding.
@chiyosan (29383)
• Philippines
4 Apr 12
i think it is unfair for the employee to be fired because he "admires" the employers' daughter, but then i would understand the father because he wants to make sure that there is no more contact between the two. Now in your case, since there was no confession etc, i think he is probably just trying to be friends with you. and if that is the case, maybe you can just not give him the wrong impression that you like the peson so as not to lead him on if you do not intend to get to know him.