Spoiled or taking advantage?

@Lore2009 (7389)
United States
April 25, 2012 8:05pm CST
So the other day, an older sister told her mother, that the mother had spoiled her younger brother too much. She thinks he's spoiled because he never offers to pay for dinner and is really stingy. So it got me wondering, is he spoiled or is he just good at taking advantage? Do you think it's the same thing? I've been called spoiled by my older sibling for a similar reason, but to me, I think I just know when to take advantage. Maybe older siblings and younger siblings see it differently? Thoughts?
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• United States
26 Apr 12
Taking advantage and being spoiled I think is two different things. I see being spoiled, is getting anything you want no matter what without any extra effort. Taking advantage, is you making a conscious effort to make sure you get anything you want...you have to put in some work though.
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• United States
26 Apr 12
I think you are exactly right, rewardsinlife. If you are spoiled, basically everything is handed to you, whether you ask or not. If you are "taking advantage" then you are putting in the effort to ensure you get everything. They are two different things and people who are spoiled, do tend to take advantage in certain situations. So, although there is a difference, being spoiled can lead to eventually taking advantage of someone. So, in this example I would say the kid is just spoiled, because it doesn't sound like his mom has asked him to pay for anything, he just assumes she is going to pay because she always has.
• India
10 Oct 12
I think there is a thin line between being spoiled and taking advantage. It has different approach by who is doing what but that thin boundary makes it difficult to assess which is which. Maybe by being spoiled, you get the hang of getting everything that you wanted and thus resulting to taking advantage of others.
@GemmaR (8526)
28 May 12
I know what this feels like, because my brother is spoiled as well. He never does anything around the house, and never pays any money towards anything. He does take advantage of it, because he will just sit around the house doing nothing for the whole of the day while my Mother and I will do the house work. I hate it because I don't see why he is able to sleep in at the weekends while we have to do the shopping, and it would be really nice if he were to do something that would help every so often, but I don't think that much is going to change anytime soon.
@inertia4 (27688)
• United States
28 Apr 12
It could be a combination of the two. It seems he was more spoiled then his older sister was and got away with more then she did. SO growing up that way will make him expect things more then here. Maybe not intentionally. But he also could be using it to his advantage as well.
@flowerchilde (12518)
• United States
27 Apr 12
I suppose they are the same insofar as the results or consequences of them are.. happy results momentarily but add up later to less respect, maybe even affection, from those around one..
@celticeagle (118553)
• Boise, Idaho
27 Apr 12
You are very honest about the whole thing. I think siblings do take advantage of one another. They have kind of a love/hate relationship a good portion of the time. If this one brother does it alot then he could be termed as stingy. Taking turns and making him responsible might be something to think about.
@savypat (20246)
• United States
26 Apr 12
As each child omes along the family changes. As the oldest child my Mother's attention was focused on me and my wants and needs, when my brother came along he was a much easier child to raise, so his wants and needs were met much faster. In my own family my first child was much harder than her brother who was an ideal child, even as a baby, you just had to feed him, change him and give him a toy to play with. The third child was another girl and her needs were much greater then either of the other children, my energy was much less with her and so the little things she did went unnoticed. Both her brother and sister say she was badly spoiled. I think it's all a point of view.
• Canada
26 Apr 12
I think he's both. a) He's taking advantage because he is committing these actions, and not helping him out. B) He's being spoiled because his mother is not doing anything about it. c) He's taking advantage of the fact that she's spoiling him, and won't do anything about it. The two are different things, but they can feed off of eachother.