How early is to early to send a message?

April 27, 2012 1:54pm CST
Some one I know told me to send them a message in the morning so we could arrange to meet up. What is the earliest you would send a message to someone?? I dont like sending messages to people in the morning unless I know what time they will be awake. I have a 2 year old son so am awake after 7am but I feel that 8.30am-9am is the earliest that I feel comfortable sending a message to someone. My friend has a daughter who is almost one (i think) so i know she would be awake early in the morning but I dont know her very well so feel uncomfortable sending her a message.
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• United States
29 Apr 12
Dear, You should text her at 9:00 and if she asked you to call her then call her at 10-11 am .even if you know she w
30 Apr 12
Yes thats how I feel, send a message after 9am and if I had to call her it would be later unless a specific time was given. I dont really like sending messages or phoning people that I dont know very well. I would much prefer them to contact me. Thanks for replying and happy mylotting
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• United States
27 Apr 12
I will not do this till nine in the morning. I think that is when most people have already been up for a while. But,your talking about a phone where she could have it off till she wakes and then see it when she wakes up.
27 Apr 12
Yes I agree nine is a appropriate time. It is difficult when you dont really know the person, whether like you say has her phone switched on or not but luckily she had been awake since 7am. Since I knew she had a young child I thought she would be up after 8am. Thank you for your comment and happy mylotting x
• India
22 May 12
I used to send my friends messages only when the phone is switched on. I used to call my friends number to check whether it is on or off. After this verification I used to send my SMS. So that I can see that the message is delivered.
• United States
30 Apr 12
I am totally the opposite, send me a text anytime, but don't call too early please (Before business hours during the week) I'm used to keeping my cell phone silent since I work at home, so neither will cause any loud noise. But if its too late or too early don't expect me to answer the phone unless I see its family...and even then it had better be good and important.
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• Greece
28 Apr 12
Well I wouldn't send a message that early except if it is an emergency, usually when I want to text somebody early I'd send him/her around 10-12.
• Canada
27 Apr 12
I would never make an actual phone call to anyone before 9 or 10AM... but if they asked you to send them a message, I think it's ok to do it pretty much any time. The person probably has their phone off or at least set to be silent so it wouldn't disturb them anyway. I know most people immediately start their day by reviewing their messages from the night before so your friend was probably expecting to see one from you in order to plan your day