Respect vs Disrespect

@speakeasy (4215)
United States
May 2, 2012 12:33pm CST
I have been upset by what I have been seeing on tv, in movies, and in music videos lately. It seems like people no longer respect others. I caught part of a recent WWE event and saw a "wrestler" actually attack a referee. I remember when this would have ended up with the match being forfeited and the "wrestler" being suspended. This person received no penalty for his actions. Millions of adults and children were watching this event and were seeing that the referee was not given any respect for his position. I have seen previews of both tv shows and movies that show people treating others with disrespect and nothing happens to the individual. I have seen music videos starring male "artists" who treat women as nothing more than a "useful convenience" that can be treated like trash and easily replaced. Worse, I have seen music videos with female "artists" who portray themselves and other women the same way. When we and our families are constantly bombarded with images like this; is it any wonder that respect for others is on the decline and bad behavior is becoming the "norm". When we lose respect for authority figures, for women, and each other - how can we make our world a better place to live in? How can it continue to be a safe place for individuals and families? What do you think about this trend?
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@deebomb (15347)
• United States
3 May 12
Hello speakeasy. I agree with you. I have noticed a long time ago respect has been on the decline. In situation comedies kids don't respect their parents or teachers. Of course the teachers and parents are portraid as idiots. The same with women. They are not given respect as they should. I don't watch wrestling or music videos but have seen enough in commercials to get your drift. Two singer that come to mind are Madonna and Lady Gaga that seem to me to have no respect for their gender or them selves. They seem to hide their brains if they have any. It seems to me people don't have any self respect either If they did they would not be put in those videos or TV programs. This is just my opinion.