If God really loves us so much , why does he not face torment for eternity ?

June 6, 2012 11:52pm CST
People will tell us again and again that God loves his children so much that he actually came in the form of man/sent his son Jesus Christ and sacrificed himself on the cross for our sake, for our sins. He stood in the place of all us sinners and died that painful death. What will happen to those who do not accept this Jesus as their Lord? You know the answer to that. I need not bother to write it here. Well, if God really loves us so much, why does he not stand in the place of all those who have refused to accept Jesus as the Lord and thus why does not God go to hell himself and suffer the torment himself for eternity? If he is a loving God, that is exactly what he should do. There should not be any suffering for any of us because God loves us.
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• United States
12 Jun 12
God is not obligated to us. He didn't have to sacrifice His Son so we could have our sins forgiven, but He did. Jesus didn't have to become a human being, take our sins upon Himself, be crucified on a cross, and carry our sins to hell, but He did. Why should God invite us into His kingdom if we tell Him we want nothing to do with Him or His Son and reject His gift of salvation? The choice is yours, so you need to accept the consequences of your choice and quit blaming God when you reject His offer of salvation.
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• Bangladesh
12 Jun 12
God is not like you or I. He is almighty, everlasting, He has no beginning nor end. So our commonsense doesn't work in those regions at all. see our helplessness!! It proves that we are very much stupid, all human beings. However, I don't believe in Christian god(Jesus). Jesus was no God. He was a prophet. You can learn about God and True religion in many good Quran-based websites, one is, www.progressive-muslim.org
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@cairalyssa (1405)
• Malaysia
7 Jun 12
Because Jesus is not God. Real GOD is there with everyone, not just for christians. And HIS love should be unconditional
@samar54 (2456)
• Egypt
15 Jun 12
lotterylover , God not need to son or wife like people , He the God he not need any thing like food or any human needs
@Pose123 (21667)
• Canada
12 Jun 12
Hi Frederick, As I understand it, not all Christians believe in hell. It is getting more and more difficult to believe that there will be any suffering for anyone. Blessings.
@cher913 (25890)
• Canada
8 Jun 12
why should He? He hates sin and you are given a choice to serve Him or not. why should He bail for those who didn't choose Him while they had the chance? God is not like a Santa or an Easter Bunny who gives stuff to everyone no matter what. The choice is yours to make.
@Soniasony (1827)
• India
7 Jun 12
Have you heard that 'parents are punished for son's crimes?' -No.God is the generator/Observer/Destroyer he only makes you an individual and you are responsible for what you do and thats how it is designed.There could be people raising in centuries who guide you to him.He loves you so he punishes you for your crime so that you are purified.Its his responsibility to punish his own creation if its not functioning.There is a purpose for all.May you see light from god.God bless you.