June 23, 2012 8:52am CST
is there a kinda car, whose tyres can be replaced while on the run..
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@usemyname (640)
• Philippines
26 Jun 12
I don't think we have tires like that, yet (although, it would be great idea if one day it could be done). But, I've seen one of those in movies. I'm not sure but I think it's Stallone and Snipes movie. I totally forgot the title. For now, I think you should stick with the old fashion way - stop and replace the flat with your spare. I think there's this emergency tire inflation kit sold in hardware stores, but it's only applicable if your tire just needs a little more air. Using it in punctured tires is completely out of the question.
@deebomb (15322)
• United States
23 Jun 12
Hello love and welcome to myLot the best discussion board on the net. Most of the cars here in the United States have what is called a doughnut and is a smaller spare tire for emergencies. The is also a product called fix-a-flat in a can. It is an aerosol can emergency flat tire repair tool. There are several brands of the product and not all of them are safe. It is best to get the tire fixed right away and let the person fixing the tire know about tire fix-a-flat used to make a temporary fis.
@owlwings (39870)
• Cambridge, England
23 Jun 12
I don't think so, though there are tyres designed so that, when they get a flat, they are safe enough to run on until it's convenient to stop and change them. Some trucks have extra wheels which can be brought down hydraulically, mainly to increase the footprint when loaded but they could also be used as a safety measure in case of a blow-out.