chicken lacks nutrition or proteins,but its so delicious

July 15, 2012 1:59am CST
i feel chicken does not have any positive values but it does have the quality taste and delicious ingredients to make it a quality food,but i think its preferred by most people.what is the reason.can we continue eating chicken for longer time ,will it seriously affect our health
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@pumpkinjam (5782)
• United Kingdom
15 Jul 12
I don't know where you got the idea that chicken lacks nutrition but that is simply not true. Chicken certainly contains quite a lot of protein and some other nutrients and white meat, depending how it's cooked, has fewer calories than most dark meats (although there isn't always a lot of difference). This link might help:
• Philippines
25 Oct 12
Hello Thank you for sharing this link. It's a big help. I love chicken! I'll check the link and know the facts about chicken.
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• Philippines
15 Jul 12
Anything eaten in excess is bad. That I think is the principle in nutrition. Variety of food is needed to help out the body. If you eat too much chicken in your diet, it can cause some problems. But yes, I do agree with you. I love eating chicken that sometimes I forget to vary my meals everyday when I eat chicken during lunch for straight days already.
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@owlwings (39626)
• Cambridge, England
15 Jul 12
Chicken has plenty of protein and has less fat (if the skin is removed) than other meats. The problem with chicken, however, especially in developed countries where chickens are farmed intensively for their meat, is that they are fed growth hormones which make the chicken mature in half the time. Anyone who eats this artificially grown chicken will also eat some of the growth hormones and will be affected by them. Another problem is that many people eat far too much meat. Most people need no more than 2oz/50gm of protein per day (between 0.8 and 1gm of protein per kg of bodyweight). Responsibly farmed chicken is good as part of a balanced diet but we also need many other things in our diet, including different proteins, which meat cannot provide. Excess protein is converted into carbohydrate and thus 'calories'. This conversion produces waste products which can damage the kidneys. Chicken may be an easily obtainable and relatively cheap meat but the way that it is cooked as a fast food and the way that it is farmed in order to make it cheap is very harmful to people's health.
@marguicha (100514)
• Chile
26 Oct 12
It is not a matter of feelings whether chicken has proteins or not. In fact, chicken (as all meats) have a great deal of proteins. There are better ways to cook chicken so that we dont add more fat. Cooked or steamed chicken are better. Grilled chicken is good if you grill it slowly so that grease fall away. Any food though, however good, if eaten in unreasonable amounts, can be health threatening.
@litvillegas (1275)
• Philippines
25 Oct 12
Hello natliegleb Oh! so sad. I love chicken! As we all know to much of something is bad.:) Chicken is a good source of protein..:) Just don't eat the skin because it contains a lot of cholesterol.. Have a great day..^_^
@asliah (11148)
• Philippines
17 Oct 12
hi, in my opinion and some search that chicken also have nutrition such as proteins,even though the proteins is not high like in egg,but still we can get some nutrition in this food,and aside from that in Chinese they believe that native chicken is good for the health of human.
• Southend-On-Sea, England
21 Jul 12
Chicken is more nutritious than a lot of other meats as it is low in (comparatively) fat and calories, plus high in protein. I believe it also contains some other nutrients, such as vitamins, but I'm not sure what exactly.
@aabuda (1729)
• Philippines
16 Jul 12
Yeah. Chicken is widely eaten by many people. I think it's because of the the fact that it is easy to prepare or to cook. But many people who have allergies suffer from rashes when eating too many chicken, like myself...I just hope that this will be over and that I can still eat chicken as long as I want!
• United States
16 Jul 12
Why do you think chicken has no positive values? Chicken doesn't lack protein. It's a protein food. Nothing is wrong with eating chicken.. it's one of the healthier meats to eat. I love chicken... the best way I like it is fried, now that's not healthy cause it has a lot of fat calories when fried.. but baked and grilled it is fine.
@jricky1 (6808)
• China
16 Jul 12
Chicken is delicious and it's true.But compared to beef and also mutton,chicken indeed not that nutritious.But good for us,at least this does not cause we fat.I eat chicken salad with vegetables and that's also tasteful.
@squallming (1776)
• Malaysia
15 Jul 12
Chicken is one of the tastiest food on Earth. There are so many ways to cook it and it still taste good. Of course, when you relate it to health, it is not very healthy to have meat very often in our daily diet. Meat is harder to digest and some studies relates meat consumption with many kinds of illnesses, including cancers. That is why we should concentrate more on eating vegetables and fruits. Reduce meat consumption.
@wittynet (4131)
• Philippines
15 Jul 12
Yes. The answer above is correct. It is applicable to any food we eat. We should eat variety of food. For instance, the say that chicken feet have collagen which helps our skin looks younger and firm. But they also say that we should not eat too much chicken feet because it will have a negative effect to our body. I can't recall the effect. I heard it in one radio station.