Thinking About 2

Thiruvananthapuram, India
July 27, 2012 2:15am CST
The notion about the number 2 is often interesting.It is said that two is company .It may be true at the outset.But the idea of twoness may also be a cause of division.It necessitates the breaking of unity into two opposing parts.When doubt sets in a person is of two minds about something.Bifurcation,dichotomy,binomial,binary,biennial,bicameral - all these point to division or opposing schools of thought.
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@mythociate (15621)
• Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
29 Jul 12
But the usual chance that the couple will go through trouble & division makes the eventual unity that much sweeter! It's like one of those movies, where-you know 'the good guys' are gonna win but -you watch to find out how (And "biennial" leads to division? How does 'being in its second year' cause division?)
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@drannhh (15229)
• United States
28 Jul 12
Hmmm, I'm trying to remember if you are married :-) Oh, that is two is one, not two is company, wrong saying. OK. How about the two tires on a bicycle? They certainly work in unison. Well, married or not, two like-minded people can indeed live cheaper than one, especially by sharing hotel rooms which charge the same rate for one as for two, and and saving on electricity and probably on food too.
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@savypat (20246)
• United States
27 Jul 12
When you said the number 2, being a parent the first thing I thought of was a bowel movement, In USA elimination is referred to as number one and number two number one is for urine and every toilet traing parent knows to get their child to be able totell the different between 1 and 2.
• India
31 Jul 12
Hello my friend sukumar794 Ji, But I doubt if anything can be achieved single handed. God has provided two for any production including human beings. Suppose God would have craeted only one either men or women. Just think the condition. May God bless You and have a great time