Are you enjoying the Olympics? I AM!

@nanajanet (4436)
United States
August 10, 2012 8:55pm CST
I am always glued to the tv, or taping it, if I am not there. I love the Olympics, and not just my country, but watching all of the amazing people, who work so hard and give up so much, just to try and be a part of it. I am excited for the USA, and how well they are doing but amazed at how well the smaller countries are doing and the United Kingdom. It's fun watching the UK Princes and Kate, watching, with pride, their athletes. I am rooting for those underdogs in the other countries, too. I am sad that it's almost over, too. Maybe in my next life, I can be in it, too!
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@dorannmwin (36698)
• United States
23 Aug 12
I really did enjoy the Olympics this year and I'm sad that they've been over for a little bit over a week. There have been some beautiful things that happened in the Olympics this year like the fact that there was a double amputee that participated in this year's Olympics. Then there was also the fact that a young man was able to take home the first Olympic medal to his country and it was actually a gold medal that he was able to take home. I look forward to the next Olympics and hope to see more inspirational stories like this the next time.
• United States
15 Aug 12
I enjoyed what I did, get to see. The best was Men's Volleyball (Gold Game) :) When I saw RUSSIA down 2 games to 0, I hoped for Russia the rest of the game. I saw Men's Diving, Synchronized Swimming, Equestrian, Women's Water Polo and MORE!!! Before this, I hadn't seen TV for 2.5 years and I love American Idol, Amazing Race and etc. Have fun, everyone!!! 2016 isn't too-too far away. :)
@liuyh0619 (108)
• China
14 Aug 12
I enjoy watching the Olympics games. Every morning I got up and turn on the TV to listen to the news from Olympics, I choose to watch the key games, such as the final match about the basketball and football. It was wonderful to see so many famous athlets compete together and present the brillant performance. I feel lost something in these days because the Olympics is over and it need a couple of days to get used to it.
@AmbiePam (50745)
• United States
14 Aug 12
We certainly blew China away with our final total medals count. More medals in general, and more gold medals. They kept showing the medals count, so it was kind of hard not to notice. I loved watching it. When an American was not in the race I found myself rooting for the people from the obscure countries that no one has ever heard of. Or for athletes from countries in the midst of war. Kind of like giving them some kind of hope despite all the bad. I was so happy for a girl from Malaysia. She won a bronze medal in diving and it was the country's first medal in diving, but also she was the first female from her country to earn a medal. She was a doll.
@nadrolski (220)
• Philippines
13 Aug 12
frankly speaking, i did not enjoyed the recent Olympics. first of all, because of the frustrations and failures of the team i support, Team Philippines. i can say that the Philippine Team were not really seriously prepared for these kinds of event. nonetheless, i am still proud of my fellow citizens who participated there. and finally, i did not enjoyed the Olympics, specifically on the Men's Basketball event. for me, the whole Team USA Basketball, especially their team captain, were too overrated. they may have won the Gold Medal for that event, but i believe they are not the best Basketball players in the world. fluke? most probably, i believe. no offense, but this is how i feel about them. anyways, i do hope every one here enjoyed watching their favorite country/team in action :)
@didi13 (2927)
• Romania
12 Aug 12
With pleasure and love I watched Olympic competitions. With unconcealed sympathy for the athletics of all samples of that manages every time to revive my soul remembering moments when I was familiar track stadium, and when I try, the dream of children and adolescents, to beat times or time, maybe. Bolt, impressed me fundamental, 100m flat race and even the 200, are indisputable queen athletes. Gymnastics, I watched it avidly and high emotion for each step or movement made ??great gymnasts. Scrima, I kept an eye glued to the TV screen. And as a final conclusion, all in athletics go back and say now with emotion that I was actually impressed to tears by the 80,000 spectators who filled the Olympic Stadium to overflowing, every day of competition, apaludand, honest and with all your heart, all athletes are in competition effort. They applauded the winners, losers applauded for that were in front of them and they do not quit the race. An example of fair play and a lesson in human behavior is perhaps the first memory that we can to keep the Olympics in summer 2012.
@Sandra1952 (6052)
• Spain
12 Aug 12
We're all surprised at how well the UK athletes have done as well. The target was 48 medals - one more than Bejing - and they've won over 60, so it's a brilliant performance in front of the home crowd. I've also been glued to the tv for the last two weeks - I don't know what I'll do next week, when it's all over.
• Indonesia
12 Aug 12
Sure, it's very fun Ketka everyone involved in the Olympics is working hard to get extraordinary things as well. Especially for the athletes who work hard to get a medal and made ??fragrant name of the country because it is a pride. America and China are on top and a fierce fight for the overall champion. Because they are subscribed, but even small countries do not want to just be a participant because it is about providing the hard work they are high. The Games will end in 12 hours. Amen, I hope you become part of the Olympics :)
• United States
12 Aug 12
Every 4 years my heart warms to see how the people of the world can get together and share sports. I love how the competitors always congratulate the winner.It is wonderful Great Britain has won so many metals! But mostly I'm so happy so many nations who athletes are Muslim made the trip during Ramadan! and many did so well! I will be sad Sunday night it has been glorious.
• Philippines
11 Aug 12
Yup, I'm enjoy watching those games specially the Basketball games. I wish Philippines has more Games to qualify on next Olympic game, for sure, more enjoyable because I will see my fellow Filipinos fighting for gold. Have a great day!
@minmin45 (166)
11 Aug 12
I enjoy the olympic games, but I dont watch all of it, just a couple of games. I am not the biggest sports fan but the olympics are a great event. Have a great day!
@ajinleo (283)
• India
11 Aug 12
I am also enjoying Olympics games. I do not watch these games frequently. But I read the Olympics games daily.